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nurseygirl79 has 5 years experience and specializes in LTCF/vents/skilled.

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  1. nurseygirl79

    Ohio nurses, hospitals at odds over patient-ratio proposal

    This petition is a sign of good things to come...if it makes it to Congress. And if it does it's truly only going to affect hospitals, maybe step down facilities. I know it pays no mention to LTCF, I don't know why. I've tried to contact the NNOC about this, and havn't heard back yet. Honestly, I think there's a larger problem in the LTCF. Ohio has no statute placed on the 1:50 ratio of the acuity of care of the patients. Meaning level of skill.....is everyone really OK w/ this??? SERIOUSLY? Scenerio: in Ohio, a nurse could legally have 20 vent pt, 20 psych pt, 5 assisted living and 5 geri pt. and the corporation you work for tells you 'if you don't like it, quit'. they won't offer any solution b/c you work at an 'at will' basis. They will let you work w/ an RN b/c they get more $$$ reimbursment from Medicare at the end of the month from having RNs on the floor. But also, they'll keep craming pt to the rafters b/c they don't see the skill level they get an equal amt. of $$$ no matter what...well as long as they're not medicaid.
  2. The National Nurses Organizational Commitee (NNOC) has organized a petition here in Ohio. The goal is to lower the nurse patient ratio in several areas. If you feel you may be interested in helping this cause, please go to www.NNOC.net, there you will find a printable version of this petition. Please also feel free to take this and obtain signatures. The only requirement is that the person signing be a registered voter in the state of Ohio. If the required amount of signatures is received, this petition will be sent to Columbus to Governor Strickland. Also it is very helpful to write your local representatives in Columbus. To find out who your local State representative is in your District go to www.google.com and type in "Ohio House of Representatives", click on the link that says (something like) find your representative, then simply type in your zip code. If you already know who your representative is, you may write them at: 77 S. High St, Columbus, OH 43215. I've read hundreds of blogs already about staffing, we've all been there. Now it's time to make a change. When I became a nurse, I took a vow to be an advocate, to speak for those who could not speak for themselves, to take care of those who could not do it alone. By 2010, 78 million baby boomers will be in some form of nursing establishment. If you live in Ohio, or know someone who does, please forward this message! My name is Darlene. Peace out
  3. nurseygirl79

    know any Nursing Insurance???

    what's up girl, check out the NSO (nursing service organization) website.....probably NSO.com or org or something. read up, get your info, they do offer nursing insurance. they'll ask you a bunch of ?'s: who you are, what kind of nurse you are where you work, how much liability you want. every year you have an option to renew online and they send you friendly email reminders, they also come w/ a gang load of other benifits. Good luck!! I live in Ohio, but i'm sure it's nationwide, make sure they cover your state. darlene
  4. nurseygirl79

    nurse to patient ratio laws ohio

    I want to thank everyone for their comments. Not only have I lived it, breathed it, almost regreted it. I am going to my congressmen and women to change it. The reason you guys cant find the actual ratio of patient to nurse is because it's not listed anywhere. Ohio's laws are so ass backwards...didn't you know that's why all our ED's talked out of their asses!? Ohio does the old 'each patient gets 4.1 hours of care per 24 hours a day' thats what is says anyway. I've read the OAC, the ORC, The Nursing Act of 2005 (which is outdated already). you're not gonna find an actual ratio. When I worked in LTC, i worked 7p-7a, we easily had 40 patients, when i was in skilled and life support it went down to 25. Needless to say i don't work there anymore. I am pretty sure none of those laws say anything about ratios or 'hours of care' fluctuating between days and nights. even if they did, most facilities always included office workers, MDS, etc. as part of the 'nurse' portion of the ratio. these things are not right and need to change! Darlene
  5. nurseygirl79

    How to fix the nursing shortage?

    It doesnt matter how many hundreds of thousands of nurses there are out of the hospital and LTCF, if they're not in them....it's a shortage. and what's the very next thing on the list.........teachers!!! sorry girlfriend, if we don't wanna inject ativan in the looney ward, we don't wanna get shot up in the inner city either. teachers get paid poorly, no matter what they teach, even if they're nurses. too bad they can't find some incentive program for teachers at the nursing schools...good luck!