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  1. Ok, I am probably going to get in hot water with some of you for saying this, but I am a 5'8" 300 lb. CNA who is in nursing school to be an RN. Yes, I know - I am fat, I have accepted that that is where I am right now and I do try my best to change that. So far change has come slowly as in 45 lbs off in about 9 mos. When you can tell me how I can find time in my day to go to work for 8 - 16 hours, work at clinical for 6 hours, do homework, clean my house, and track every BLT (bite, lick and taste) and find time to exercise for an hour every day, then you can call me all the names and say all kinds of nasty comments you want to about me and anyone else like me. For the record, I do not stuff my face with loads of fries, fried chicken, ice cream, etc. I eat vegetables, salads, drink water and diet sodas. Yes, I do go to McD's to get a salad, diet Coke and/or coffee. On the rare occasions that I do eat fries and a burger it is a kids meal with a diet coke and it gets logged into my daily food log and subtracted from my points ( I do WW). Oh, I move my butt, take care of myself, don't expect everyone else to do it for me, and I have actually seen and washed my crotch in the last 24 hours!!! PLease, please, please don't lump every single fat person into the same category and don't think that we all don't take care of ourselves. Losing weight is not as easy as saying "just eat less and exercise more" - that may be the basic premise but it doesnt work out that well in real life. I hope and pray that if I am ever in the hospital as a patient that I don't have any of the nurses who posted here with the less than desirable comments about obese people. Maybe some of us do deserve these feelings if we honestly know better and don't respect our bodies more, but not every single one of us does. I don't have a perfect answer to fixing obesity and I know that it can be handled with a lot of work and commitment, but unless you have ever struggled with being seriously overweight, please don't pass judgement. It is a world of he** to live in and I hope you are never there. Please don't make our lives any worse by giving us the disgusted looks and sighs (and believe me, we know it even when you don't think we do). Thank you.
  2. kiwilime81

    uwm, uwmadison, or matc

    I am glad to hear that I am not the only person who had difficulties with MATC-Madison. I do feel that they turn out good nurses as others have said, but trying to get through the program was awful. I just did my prereq's there and transferred to Moraine Park Tech College out of Beaver Dam and I am pretty happy with the program so far. Good luck with your decision!
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    Hi - I am new here

    Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I am Sarah, in my first semeser of nursing school in Wisconsin and still feeling a little terrified...lol. Wondering what I've done, but hoping it will be all worth it. I work as a nursing assistant right now on a post-op surgical unit and love it. Looking forward to meeting other nursing students - thanks!