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  1. chicagobsn

    Question for ER moms

    RN in SC~ I would tell your boss if you feel comfortable. Where I work, (we have 4 pregnant nurses right now...I DONT drink the water there! I have enough kiddies at home) our pregnant nurses dont get our rowdy psych pts who are known to be aggressive or the aggressive drunks. They do work the rooms until their about 6-7 months pregnant then they usually go into triage and help the other nurses when they can. I warn them when theres really aggressive pts. We have certain rooms for them, so usually the pregnant nurses dont get those rooms. We also have many pts who require xray at bedside..just make sure u have lead close to you or where its handy. We dont have many walls..we have more curtains to separate the rooms where I work. I worked surgery with both my kids...worked up till I was 9 months..both are healthy as can be. Just be safe. And let your boss know that your pregnant...not quitting. I wish you the best pregnancy ever and an easy labor!! Congrats!
  2. chicagobsn

    dumb conscious sedation questions

    I forgort about this thread...well heres an update. I quit that place I was working in, in April and got a job in the ER (lovin it there!). I wrote a lengthy letter to the BON here and submitted it. To my understanding ..this place is under investigation! thanks for the support! I needed it! Magnolia-pls take the advice u are recieving, here in Illinois an LPN can not push IV medication of any type. I had to go through a ton of training to do CS as well as ACLS and the certification course to become a CSN. I ran from the place I was at ...at top speed. I think you need to find out if the state ure in allows you to do IVPs and if your allowed to sedate. The whole issue on sedating is your placing them under and you never know what reaction the pt will have ...ie a little goes a long way on some pts and others you will have to give a lot more just to get them to relax. If your not careful (even if you are)you can put them under..then whos going to intubate that pt?? Be careful...its a slippery-slope.
  3. chicagobsn

    No one else to talk to and just need to vent....

    klcrn~ What a terrible thing for someone to say to you! That was so inappropriate of that nurse! Your obviously very experienced and very knowledgeble! 21 years! omg! Ive been in the ER for 3 months now. I came from surgery (did almost 4 yrs there)...and everyday I say to myself..omg. What has helped me, is when I get a pt with something Im not to sure about whats going on I ask many many questions to the other nurses and the docs. Then when I go home, I look it up, and try to get that..ohhhh..thats what that is, or why we did that factor going. That seems to help me a lot, because Im ready the next time I get that type of pt. I google, look in my nursing books, acls book etc etc until I understand the rationale behind it all. I also carry a pocket calculator and a drug book on me, there are sooo many meds Im not familiar with. I also have my standing orders cheat sheet in my pocket, like what to do when u get this pt. That will help in starting things off, like do they need an IV, labs, neb tx, asa, ekg, monitor stuff like that b4 the docs see em. Im at a small hospital as well, and we have 2 docs that dont seem to know what their doing, or what to order. One doc only orders a cardiac panel on every pt that comes in. (our policy is cardiac panel includes all cardiac enzymes, ekg, pcxr, monitor, pulse ox, bp both arms, and our cp protocol sheet) yeah he orders it even on our gyne pts. Go figure. You are soooo right, there is sooo much to learn! I learn at least one new thing a day! Hang in there, and take advantage of opportunities that come in. If you havent done something or seen something, ask if you can help! Not only will that nurse appreciate your offer of helping her, but its a chance to learn something new. I ask a lot. Sometimes the ER makes me feel like I dont know anything at all. Sometimes I feel like I know a little more than what I did yesterday. I'm not comfortable, in fact I get nervous and worried about what do to and how to do it and how fast to move. I guess all that takes time. I try to absorb everything like a sponge, take it in and remember what we did and why we did it. We're in the same boat, if you ever need to vent or chat again..do it, I'll listen!
  4. chicagobsn

    What alcohol level do you admit for?

    We dont admit our drunk pts. We put them on one of the hallway beds and draw labs then let em sleep. Some docs will let their BACs drop down to 100 then they can go...but that might take 12 hours! Mind you these ppl are alcoholics, and a bac of 100 is sober to them. Their stay with us depends on their behavior. If their screamin and yellin about going AMA and swearin at us about food and deficating in their pants/peeing in the hallways..AND theres a sober driver....then its time for them to go! We have quite a few regulars who come via ems and wake up in the ER very angry ...swearing wheres my beer and cigarettes. I have yet heard one of them say I want help.
  5. chicagobsn

    I don't think I'm ready yet.

    I just came off of orientation in the ER. Although I am not a new grad...I am new to the ER! I was lucky enough to get 3 months...what we did for my last month, was a 4 hour shift with a preceptor and the next four hours taking on the full load as staff. Its scary to be out there by yourself. But if you have a great team, you will never truely be alone. I ask questions all the time. I ask for help when I need it and help others when I can. If you need more time...ask for it! I dont think anyone will think less of you if you want more time. I think it helped me a lot with dividing my shifts with half preceptor- half staff. I am more confident now than even a few weeks ago, but still feel like I have so much more to learn!!
  6. chicagobsn

    How to cope with a drug error - destroyed confidence

    I feel your pain! This is something you will never forget, and you will get over it, and you will be that much more cautious with your meds. When I graduated school, I was working on Tele, and Nitro patch was ordered at 6. Well, 6pm came and I took it out of the pixis and placed it on the pt. About an hour later, the pts blood pressure dropped, not low...but low enough for me to go in and check on her. Well...I assessed her, she was ok, called the doc, said take the nitro patch off. I went into room, took it off...and saw the other patch on! I thought omg, then I looked at the MAR...it was ordered for 0600, NOT 1800! I made out an incident report, cried for days, came back to work and asked for that pt, just so I could watch her like a hawk. Nothin happened to the pt. But I changed forever that day. We all get busy, we all get the million orders at once, crisis happens around us, we get stressed. But learn to take a deep breath, slow it down and recheck those meds, then recheck them again. Then at the bedside check them again. No matter whats going on at work, no one is responsible for your license but you. So slow down, recheck those meds, check the pt, and take your time. Dont let anyone rush you. I dont care whats goin on, even if its tylenol, I do all my checks..and allergy checks before I give anything. (including a quick yet thorough assessemnt even on those that are in the ER for a hang nail) ya never know what your gonna miss...or find! Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way. The pt was fine, you will be too. your a good nurse, learn from this and move forward. I will bet you'll never do that again! I know I wont!
  7. the 2 yr old boy went to surgery to repair his esophagus DCFS was informed theres no way he could have swallowed that metal bracket. 18 month old girl went to ICU again I called DCFS I dont know what happened with all that, but theres no way I can even smell bleach let alone imagine a baby drinking a whole cup of it the 12 yr old was removed from the house per DCFS...found out later from the PD it was her uncle and her older cousins living in the house that did that to her. She had to go to surgery to repair her vaginal wall. Can you imagine the kind of emotional damage this has done to these kids?? So incredibly sad. There are such sick ppl in this world. Short of what I hear around from the FD or PD I dont check on them once they leave the ER. My old instructor told me to not check up on them no matter how bad you want to....if the worst comes about you will be left with ...what could i have done sooner, quicker, better, what did I miss, the I shoulda coulda but didnt syndrome.
  8. A little 2 yr old boy came in accompanied by both worried parents, said he was choking on cheerios and turned blue. There was a 5 inch metal door bracket shoved deep down into his throat. An 18 month old beautiful girl accompanied by truck loads of family members, stating she drank a whole glass of bleach. Where were they when she was "drinking the bleach???" A drunk driver came in, small lac to ear ...the victims mom, dad and new baby doa freshly new mom for about 4 minutes with DIC, bleeding from eyes, ears, nose, everywhere...she died leaving behind her husband of 1 yr and her little baby girl. 12 yr old girl came in for rape, found parts of a beer bottle and some type of wood imbedded into her vagina and anus. I cant get their faces out of my mind.
  9. chicagobsn

    Why do you like Emergency Department Nursing?

    Im lovin the ER, its been almost 3 months, and Ive learned more in the ER than I have in the past 5 yrs. I love to put all my skills to work, critical thinking, problem solving, the team work, and the autonomy! I like not knowing whats gonna happen next, and love the rush I get..and its never boring, and I learn somethin new each day! The docs, emts and nurses are outta this world, and I have to say Ive never worked in such a place where everyone works together the way we do. We all come together when someone needs you the most..ie codes, where you get the call from the FD and you look up and there are 8 ppl glovin up and getting ready. The biggest team players Ive met so far. I know I couldnt do it without each and everyone of them! We joke..we laugh...we smile ...we work hard...we help eachother..we bicker..we get frustrated and angry....and we cry together. As frustrating as it can be...I wouldnt trade it for anything! Im SO glad I came to the ER. What a ride its been.
  10. chicagobsn

    Most common non-emergency visits

    Ive only been in the ER ...goin on 3 months now...and Ive seen: "just want to get checked out cus I have the day off and thought Id come to the ER" something green is oozing out of my penis I have a headache, and dont have any tylenol at home my neb machine broke this am, and dont want to be seen by a doc, or a nurse, refuse to change into a gown, and states "just want a breathing tx" then got mad and left CP..then get them to the room and slap monitors on them, iv, labs, ekg ...and ooops..theyre here cus they have the flu and thought faking cp would get them in sooner my third day in the ER, we had a major..MAJOR issue..man came in with a hang nail the ever so fun psych pt who wants ativan the drunk guy who comes every single day to eat food, smell the whole ER up to where pts complain, sleep and leave AMA "I think I might be pregnant" "my 27 yr old son has the flu" oh my favorite...drunk girl who was vomiting "a lot" so she came in to see if she was dying and yes .. the since Im in the ER...everyone in my family should be seen too..and were all hungry and thirsty because we havent had anything to eat all day
  11. chicagobsn

    is this what its really like? 2 wks in...

    Thank you for all your words of encouragement. Vampireslayer..you are right. Even though my preceptor is tough and harsh...seriously, I have come to the conclusion she is right there for me and pushes me hard so I can "fly" on my own when Im done with orientation. I actually didnt request a new preceptor, I changed shifts where I got more opportunities to be with other nurses. Low n behold, the other nurses left me on my own and treated me as part of the team I became overloaded with my own patients..taking on one..two..three.. next time I look up I have 7 rooms and no preceptor and everyones to busy and were slammed. So...back to my original preceptor..I changed my shift back..and she doesnt leave me on my own..but is always looking out for me and controlling situations where I have 4 rooms thats it. Goes to show that the ol saying.."the grass isnt greener on the other side" still exists in everything we do. Im with her..and Ive learned a hard lesson...but a lesson learned well. I went home in tears over being overloaded and felt like I didnt know what the heck I was doing in the ER. Oh-and lilgirlRN you are SOO right about me coming from a very controlled environment in surgery. The controlled chaos is taking me for a wild ride...but I will get used to it. I am getting the hang of their method to the madness. looking back at my previous posts...rereading it sounds rather silly now that Ive been in the ER for over 2 months now...Ive been in quite a few codes, and completely understand using the orientee to help with the other pts, explain later and do it next time deal. As I had some blinders on before...I do not have them on now. Anyways..just thought Id tell you all thank you
  12. chicagobsn

    is this what its really like? 2 wks in...

    Update...yes so soon! Well, my preceptor was sick today, so I was with another nurse. I thought to myself, ok...good...lets see what happens! Oh-my-goodness...what a difference that made!!!! We talked about where I want to focus in on b4 we began and her and I went through the entire ER so I can find everything I need, and before ya know it, we were slammed and it went pretty smoothly I must say! Half way into my shift today, we were so busy and short ppl, that I just started taking on room 1, then room 2, then helping out the other nurses with their meds, nebs, IVs, labs etc etc. Man..today was the first day I actually felt like I can do this! I went home with a smile on my face, no lunch, exhausted, feet achin... but...happy! Gotta say thanks for your support and great advice! ~withasmilelpn~you are so right! I asked about going in on codes and getting to know the routine and found out that my normal preceptor doesnt like codes and will bow out quickly and gracefully when not needed. Plus she feels that is not the time or the place to teach. I asked, and this nurse has agreed to be my preceptor..so Im with her tomorrow too. What a difference she made for me..with just one shift.
  13. chicagobsn

    is this what its really like? 2 wks in...

    THANK YOU to all of you! Im not about to give up, and yes you are all right, Im going in tomorrow morning with some ideas and see if that helps~ if not, then I will look for another preceptor, and have my current one as a back up resource. There are so many nurses who seem to not be running around and so stressed out in the same situations. Maybe one of them will be a better preceptor for me to learn from. I truely want to succeed and master a good method to handle the chaos gracefully. :tku:
  14. chicagobsn

    is this what its really like? 2 wks in...

    Drysolong~ Thank you! I am trying to absorb everything she does and says and ask as many questions as I can. She truely is so smart, and I have so much to learn, I just wish she was a little more receptive to my needs. Ive memorized most of our standing orders, and feel ok starting some of them on my own, but wish there was a little more recognition for the things I do right, and help from her and her words of wisdom when I ask questions. I can switch preceptors, maybe I will, but she is just so knowledgable I hate to bypass her and learn less. And yes, I treat her with tons of respect and Im nice to her...all I want is to learn..learn..learn! It was just the first day I went home n tears and had to vent. it was just a long day...:tbsk:
  15. Hi everyone, I just started my new job in the ER almost 2 weeks ago! I have to say I am excited to be there! I was in day surgery for 3 yrs b4 this, so this is a huge change from what Im used to. I had the worst day today = ( Its not the pts, its my preceptor. Everyone tells me how good she is, how shes been doing this for 25 yrs and how I will learn so much from her. Fact is, yes shes so smart, and yes I can learn so much from her...but...shes a chaotic unorganized mess! We got pretty busy..well truthfully even when were not slammed, shes running around, barking orders at me, telling me to do this...do that, and Im like on who? what room? wheres the chart, wheres that at? I feel SOO LOST. Then she gets really frustrated with me because Im lost. Ive always wanted to be in the ER, and now here I am, and I love the diversity of it, and the constant change and lovin the faster pace...but I am havin a hard time. I cant even think straight when shes my preceptor. Sounds easy, change preceptors right? Well...everyone tells me I should be with her because shes so smart..etc etc. I feel like an outsider coming into a huge family and Im not sure where I belong. I know it will take some time...but nevertheless thats how I feel. I feel like I am in the way, not doing anything but moving out of the way so she can tell me everything Ive ever wanted to know in 2 hours at top speed. We had a code today, and I wanted to be part of it so bad, it wouldve been my 2nd code ever!!!! and she basically told me to move, and go give meds to our patient in 3 who was there for ankle pain X's 1 year. Guess its growing pains. I refuse to quit, Im in it and I want it and I will learn it and get it, just not gonna happen overnight. Is it gonna get any better? Has anyone felt like this before? Should I just expect to teach myself? Funny thing is I cant even take vitals without her breathing down my neck making sure Im doing it right. Just wish she'd give me some credit, afterall I am a nurse.
  16. chicagobsn

    What was your job before you became a nurse?

    my list: waitress receptionist caregiver CNA RN

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