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  1. CaffeinePRN

    Santa Ana College LVN-RN waiting list

    I'm not sure how many they let in each semester...but there are two sections of each semester in the nursing program: Traditional and ECP (extended campus program, in conjunction with St Joseph Hospital). in the traditional section we've gotten only 3 new students each semester after first...not sure how many ECP has gotten. asaik the waitlist is something like 150+ students for 3rd, and less than that for 2nd and 4th but don't quote me on that. grades by far are the best way to get in quickly, hands down. a year after submitting my application i was taking the TEAS and the following semester i was in.
  2. CaffeinePRN

    Saddleback/Santa Ana Programs?

    Good luck on getting in! Whatever school you decide on, just make sure they'll accredited with the CA Nursing Board... http://www.rn.ca.gov/schools/rnprograms.shtml
  3. CaffeinePRN

    Saddleback/Santa Ana Programs?

    just yesterday i got my real acceptance letter to sac, start in the fall. i got onto the list in early feb of 2008. for the pre-reqs i got 35 of the 40 pts possible. sac apparently has two lists...one based on the chronological order of the applications as they're received and another based on your pre-req points (and maybe gpa?). the latter they don't make public. when i got onto the wait list i was number 460 something...then by october of 2008 i was 350ish. so then i get a letter telling me to take rn 112 and rn 103 (rn 112 is cake, rn 103 not so much). next thing i know i got my letter telling me my name came up as possible candidates for fall 2009 and i should take the teas. but be careful, sac loves to send out those enticing "you may get in...." imo they do this to keep people holding out hoping they'll get into sac rather than just going to cypress/goldenwest/etc. speaking of which...i've heard that cypress, at least, has done away with their wait list altogether. you may be able to just get right in if your grades are good enough. i will say this tho...i did hear from a classmate that someone had a bad experience once and got yelled at by an instructor. no doubt that all of us at some point will get yelled at by some douche-bag with a chip on their shoulder but for what it's worth, that's what i was told. or so the story went...i take everything with a grain of salt.
  4. Just got my acceptance letter today! This day has finally come!! Class of 2011!
  5. CaffeinePRN


    Well, let me tell you I don't know where two years has gone. I just got my acceptance letter today...I start in the fall. Finished the 3 of the 4 requirements in two semesters (Anatomy/Micro, then Phsy; already had English completed) and was on the wait list for a year (which I hear they're going to do away with in a semester or two), took an EMT class (and passed the nat'l exam) during that year, currently taking two "entry" nursing classes this semester (Nursing Concepts & Nursing Pharm) and time has flown by! It will for you too...good luck!!
  6. CaffeinePRN

    Fall 09 hopefuls?

    Where are you applying? Santa Ana College (Santa Ana, CA). What is your GPA and/or points for your school of choice? 35 out of 40 points possible for the pre-req classes. Overall GPA of 3.3 if I'm not mistaken. When is your schools deadline? Actually, I was on a wait list for a year. When does the acceptance letters go out? Actually last Friday they were sent out, just got mine today! What is your plan A, B, C...? Well for the college itself, I already have my AA. For the nursing program I'm coming in with no prior experience. Got my cert as an EMT but never practiced before...so just the "normal" ADN. 4 semesters of sleep-deprived goodness.
  7. CaffeinePRN

    Has anyone been accepted from a wait list

    I submitted my application in Jan of 08 at my school. I was number 746 or so on the wait list. But this was more or less a chronological list. They also have a list based on the grades in the pre-req classes just to get on the wait list (English, Anatomy, Micro, Phsy)...I got 3 A's and a B. It only took me a year to get to 350 on the chronological list and then I got my acceptance letter...just took the TEAS last week. Now I'm just waiting to see if I'll get in this fall or next spring. I was speaking with a classmate and found out there were 6 students who passed the TEAS last October and were supposed to start the program this semester (Spring '09). However, due to lack of funds they had to wait until this fall. Wether or not this means anyone from this most recent TEAS exam will have to wait, I dunno... [keeping fingers crossed..]
  8. CaffeinePRN


    The test I took was paper and pencil. Took it on a Saturday and was told the results would be up on ATI's website by the following Wednesday. But I checked early Monday afternoon and my results were posted.
  9. CaffeinePRN


    I just took the TEAS last week. Studied from the book that ATI has, felt it did prepare me alright. I agree with the above post, wasn't a very difficult test. I heard from numerous sources that a majority of the science was on earth science...but there was only a few earth science questions on mine. Looks like they do a decent job at randomizing the test.
  10. CaffeinePRN

    Any tips for Pharmacology out there?

    Tables, tables...and more tables. Maybe some flash cards too just to mix it up. I'd suggest using Word, or maybe Excel, and create tables outlining drug classifications (antibiotics, analgesics, antihypertensives, etc). Then for each classification list the most important "nuggets" of info you'll need to know for each on subjects like Side Effects, Major Nursing Implications, Pt teaching, or any other important info to know (like other antibiotics you can use for a Pt with an allergy to penicillin -- a "Misc" category.) However, in each category list only the unique things to remember. Per my Pharm professor, the goal would be to weed out only the absolutely necessary info, employ some critical thinking to do this...she tells me I should be able to fit an entire drug classification onto a single 8.5x11 sheet. If you have a color printer, awesome! Use colors to create easy to recognize commonalities between the drugs of one classification. I'd suggest getting ahold of a drug guide. I use Davis's Drug Guide and i definitely list the s/e in red caps, or any thing else that would seem important (like teaching a Pt on rifampin that discolored red-orange urine is a normal s/e; otherwise that'd scare the hell outta them.) I'm taking a intro nursing pharm class this semester...it's one of the hardest classes I've taken. I'm definitely gonna review the material again over the summer and refine/redo my tables for all the drug classifications we've covered. sigh... Good luck!
  11. CaffeinePRN

    Student Bullying

    Wow...the actions of your school just blow my mind. What school in their right mind would act this way in a post-Columbine world? Yeah, they tell you not to tell anyone...screw them, your life was threatened! I wonder what your state's Nursing Board would think about the actions of your school. Not very ethical, don't you think?
  12. CaffeinePRN

    Drug testing

    Yeah, she's in Cali. SJSU...San Jose State U. You shouldn't have any issue...you got your meds with a script. IMO, those drug tests are in place to filter out people using ILLEGAL drugs so the admins at your school can't say ****. But if they did refuse you even with an Rx, I think that'd be good grounds for a nice, healthy lawsuit. Good luck!
  13. I was thinking about getting a PDA for when I'm in the nursing program. (I won't even get into that right now... ) Only problem is they're impossible to find in the stores nowadays so I can't just go down to Fry's or wherever and check 'em out so I'm forced to look online; However I'd rather not drop upwards of a few hundo for a model that I may like. Normally I would look to buy used so I'm out less $ but this increases the likelihood of having to replace the battery sooner rather than later, so I'd rather buy new. Can anybody recommend models? I am computer savvy but I've never actually used one of them as they nearly faded out of existence long before I had any use to own one. So as long as I'm able to view .PDFs, text and Word documents, and load drug guides and the like that'd be what I need, afaik. Thx in advance!
  14. CaffeinePRN

    Just looking for some feedback

    Personally, I didn't apply until after I completed the prereqs. [This was because when I called the office where I had to turn in the application, unbeknownst to me, an utter and complete dipsh*t answered the phone and told me they were completely backup, and wouldn't even be able to process my application until early the following February (this was in December, toward the end of the semester). This turned out to be completely incorrect as I verified (or is it "unverified"?) what I was told when I actually did turn in my application.] I had talked to other classmates before who stated they were getting something like letter from their professor stating something to the effect of "this student currently has a grade of ___ and based on their prior performance I anticipate that the student will wind up with a grade of ____." They got such a letter shortly before their final in the class. Really? People line up like crazy just to turn in an application? Or is there an actual interview? I heard for the longest time that there was an interview required at my school...heard that from numerous sources. But when the time came I was blown away by just having to put an application in an "In Box" and be done! Maybe they were just sick of having to interview all those people on the wait list. Last I checked the list at my school was at like 700-something. Took me one year to get to 350ish and I just took the state-mandated TEAS, if there's room I'll be entering this Fall. If not, (and I'd likely be edged out by only 10 people or so) I'll have to wait until next Spring. sigh....
  15. CaffeinePRN

    Just looking for some feedback

    Disneyland...how exciting. Growing up as a kid my sister and I used to climb up on the roof so we could watch the fireworks at night. Times were different back then; nowadays parents letting their children climb up to the roof in the dark would have CPS all over them. But I digress... Yeah every school is different regarding their deadline for accepting applications for the following semester. I would imagine it would be towards the end of the semester...depending on when your semester began you may or may not be too late. But don't let me worry you...just call 'em up first thing Monday morning. But if you can, I'd just contact the nursing department directly...call them or go down in person. I've had bad experiences with counselors before so that's my thing...I'd rather just go right to the source: the nursing department itself, rather than someone in the counseling department. Thing is though, I would imagine that somewhere on the webpage for the nursing department they'd state when their cutoff date for accepting applications would be. There's nothing there? My school had a wait list...and when I turned it in I just simply put an application in a special "In Box." No formal meeting/interview with anyone. Good luck!!
  16. CaffeinePRN

    Feeling Discouraged...

    Hey, I understand your frustration! I'm 31 and haven't set foot in a "actual" nursing class yet. Just keep it up...it'll all be worth it in the end.