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  1. sw33tlyn16

    Any Tips for Cardio/Thoracic ICU Preceptorship?

    I do will be starting in cardiac, any suggestions will help. I'm lucky my instructor made use learn vents, hemodynamics, and ekg. I checked out PACEP.com and it is very helpful.
  2. sw33tlyn16

    I need some help

    Look for Mosby NANDA book with care plans. great book! I have used it and I told other nursing students and they loved the book too. one suggestion: of each priority what is the biggest problem as a nurse that you can work on. for example: nutrition - is the patient not getting enough nutrients or too much nutrients.. good luck.
  3. sw33tlyn16

    California New Grad Programs still hiring

    The economy is changing making our future jobs harder to find. I found out that even hospitals are cutting back the number of new grads they are accepting. Hospitals used to hire 10 to 20 new grads, but now they are only hiring half they used to. I also learned that you can save some money by not getting the IP unless you are for sure to have a position when you get your IP. If you don't, don't bother getting it. I also learned that if you pass your boards then you have one foot ahead of the rest. Also, the more certifications - bls, pals, acls, etc the better at landing the job. Wishing you all the best of luck!
  4. sw33tlyn16

    Need advice in starting out as a New Grad

    I would say take the job especially if you are living in So. Cal. and plan to stay in So. Cali. It is difficult to have the dream job as a new grad as they have stated so many times how easy it would be. Once you have your foundations down, and since telemetry is semi-intense, you can move your way up to L and D. I want to work in CC, and I just got hired on a MS floor. I'm going to take the offer because what happens if I hold and wait for another offer, and I don't get that other offer? It's really up to you to make this decision. I wish you the best of luck.
  5. sw33tlyn16

    California New Grad Programs still hiring

    I graduated in May '08. and I just found a job. My friend is looking for a job and licensed since July '08. She is still looking. I wish everybody the best of luck. My suggestion now is look into summer programs and start looking now. Because they will start interviews sometime in March, or April. Good luck again!
  6. sw33tlyn16

    help with documentation

    There are books out there. At barnes and nobles or online you can find something call Incredible Made Easy Books. There is one made for especially for documentation, it might help. good luck. If you do find something, let me know what you decide because I am a new grad, and looking for something like that too.