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  1. twogiveshots

    Compass Retake or Not?

    Yes, Definately take it again, you will more than likely come up several points, and it can't hurt, they take the highest score of all of the compass test. Also you might want to look into another school, Jeff state is ridiculously hard to get into. I am in at Wallace state in Hanceville right now, it is a drive but it is better than wasting my time and semesters trying to get in at JEFF STATE. Just something to think about, if I would have known that I could have gotten in somewhere else so quickly I wouldn't have wated my time taking classes that I made a B in over again.
  2. twogiveshots

    Carpool to Wallace State In Hanceville

    :chuckleAny one here going to Wallace state in Hanceville for the Nursing Program that lives close to Shelby County?
  3. twogiveshots

    Anyone waiting for acceptance from Wallace in Hanceville??

    Hey Lovejana22, I noticed you got into Wallace in Hanceville in 2007, I just got in for August of this year, I am really excited, do you have anything you can share with me about the program? How do you like it? Things to look for etc. Thanks!
  4. twogiveshots

    acceptance letter to Wallace in Hanceville

    I recieved my letter yesterday too! Didn't sleep a wink! I am planning on doing the 7 semester program, as I have two kids. I am sooooo excited!!!!
  5. twogiveshots

    acceptance letter to Wallace in Hanceville

    Helena, is a good ways at least 35-40 minutes from Trussville, I think you are actually a good bit closer than I am, How many points did you have? I have a 156 I think for Wallace, I took all my prereq's at Jeff state and had 179 points through Jeff State but Wallace doesn't do exactly like Jeff State.
  6. twogiveshots

    acceptance letter to Wallace in Hanceville

    I think we should hear something mid July for Wallace, I am looking for someone to eventually carpool with, I live in the Helena Area. Are you close to that area?
  7. Anyone out there waiting for acceptance letter to the RN program at Wallace in Hanceville?
  8. twogiveshots

    Any one in the nursing program at Wallace State in Hanceville?

    Do you remember how many points you had when you got in? Also what Hospitals have you done clinicals in?:typing
  9. twogiveshots

    Any one in the nursing program at Wallace State in Hanceville?

    How many points did you have when you got in? Thanks for your comments that makes me feel better.
  10. Is anyone out there that has gotten into Wallace State? I would like to know how many points you had and if you like it, also where do you do your clinicals. I currently have been trying to get into Jeff State but they are giving me the run around and I am sick of wasting my money there, plus I saw they have low Nclex scores compared to other schools. It will be about an hour and 15 minute commute for me, and I have applied to CACC and Shelton State Also, I think I would really like Wallace, just wondering the actual Wallace or CACC students experiences.