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CNA, HH, and nursing student
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tspink08 specializes in CNA, HH, and nursing student.

24 yr. old female 3rd semester lvn program

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  1. tspink08

    lobectomy and pneumonectomy

    what is the correct position to have a recent lobectomy and pneumonectomy pt in? for the lobectomy, i'm thinking it was semi fowlers and for the pneumonectomy i was thinking on the non operative side. am i right?
  2. tspink08

    i'm all out of ideas for interventions!

    well i guess i want for my short term goal to be would be for my patient to not complain of any pain or difficutly voiding during my shift. my long term is more of a educational goal. i want to teach her that it is very important to void when feeling of urination occur. i just really don't know what else to write for this diagnosis.
  3. tspink08

    i'm all out of ideas for interventions!

    i have the nurse will encourage fluid intake. the nurse will advise pt to notify if any difficutly of discomfort occrus during urination, the nurse will monitor for pain/difficulty voiding, the nurse will put pt on i&o's, will monitor output, will advise pt to void when sesastions of urine occur, and the nurse will discuss w/pt the importance of fully emptying bladder. all i need is one more.
  4. tspink08

    i'm all out of ideas for interventions!

    the goals i have are the patient will not have difficulty urinating during my shift. the other goal was the pt will void 300cc or > during my shift. and my long term goal was the pt will empty bladder regularly w/out any discomfort or pain during hospital stay and cont to do so after discharged to home. i need one more intervention for the long term goal.
  5. tspink08

    i'm all out of ideas for interventions!

    well, dx was urinary elimination,altered. my pt was a TAH and had recently had her foley removed had was c/o difficulty voiding. also had c/o pain. i know it's normal after surgery, but i thought it would be a good nrsg. dx. but thanks for the link to the other web sight!:nuke:
  6. i have a concept map due at the end of this week, and one of my dx is urine elimination, we need 3 goal and 3 interventions for each goal, i'm out of interventions! all i need is one more! can any one give me an idea?

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