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spartangal1989 has 10 years experience and specializes in neonatal icu.

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  1. spartangal1989

    Low census anyone?

    I'm in Detroit, and for the 13 years that I have been an NICU nurse low census was not a problem. That is until now. Since December we have been on and off slow. I have been given more LCD in one month than i have in the previous 12 years! I don't want babies to be sick, but I need my money
  2. spartangal1989

    advice for barcode scanning of infants

    Our unit purchased hand scanners, and they can scan thru plexiglass of isolette. But still difficult if ID braclet has turned. Some of our smallest have the ID band on and a duplicate taped outside isolette.
  3. spartangal1989

    What TO DO?

    good luck, I think that a refresher course is a great idea. Wish I knew one to point you to. Just be honest in any interview that you do get on why there was a big lapse in time between school and starting your career. You do not have to go into too much specifics, but sometimes lessons learned in that gap time can be brought up and are actually positives on why you'll be a good nurse :-)
  4. spartangal1989

    Your thoughts on the nursing jurisprudence examination?

    I found the $25 class helpful. I took and passed the exam immediately after i took the class while the info was fresh in my mind. I think it was worth it, my time is valuable and having to look over all of the info needed to pass would have taken me longer and been more aggravating then just ponying up the money
  5. spartangal1989

    The Problem with Nursing

    Good luck with your career, I am concerned that this might not be the job for you. There appears to be a superior attitude in your post. I have worked with many new grads with similar attitudes. In fact I might have even been one. In my years of experience I learned to look at the best each of my co-workers has to offer instead of what I would have liked them to be, it has made my work days much more enjoyable and opened my eyes that the "intelligent" nurses can learn something from our goofy print wearing scrubs co-workers :-)
  6. spartangal1989

    Post Traumatic Stress anyone else?

    I have been doing this for almost 11 years, and it really never gets better with a term or near term. We know how sick they are, but unless there is a chromosomal abonormality incompatable with life is it ever easier. You just learn how to cope a bit better. I no longer lose sleep at night over them, but will cry all the way home (a 1 hour drive), I guess thats small progress.
  7. spartangal1989

    rotating shifts?!

    I am still rotating after almost 11 years at the same NICU. We rotate to the off shift (7p-7a) for a one month schedule. I rotate 2 times in 12 months. I can do them in a row or seperate them by 6 months. I will have to rotate until I have 20 years in, but will go down to once a year at 15 years. Usually if you want to work straight nights it will be accommodated, it seems no one will apply for staright night shifts (or at least that has been our experience).
  8. spartangal1989


    are you ***** kidding me 31 week baby going to be in the hospital for 2 weeks! Lets have the public have even more unrealistic expectations when they have micropreemies. The media makes it sound like its no big deal to have a baby under 2lbs, and under 38 weeks. I have many parents that will say differently.
  9. spartangal1989

    Questions about neonate drug withdrawal management

    You are right on base with the morphine! Most recent evidence based practice show this to be effective. Kuddos for really advocating proper withdrawl managment. I see withdrawl both iatrogenic and maternally induced frequently. It is intolerable and negligent to wait until the baby seizes to intervene.
  10. spartangal1989

    hourly rate

    I make about $33/hr with 10 yrs experience in the NICU in the DMC. $2 more on weekends and the off shift diff depends on nights or afternoons. Good luck with your search ( I love working in detroit, so if you like the urban setting, come on down!)
  11. spartangal1989

    HIE and the CoolCap System

    The cooling has made a Major difference in outcomes! There is an article in the New England Journal of Medicine by Seetha Shankaran that details the difference in outcomes.
  12. spartangal1989

    What is the Highest Bilirubin you've ever seen?

    normal bili levels are dependant on age (in terms of hours/days), gestational age, and institutional values. I know this isn't really the answer that you want to hear, but in general a full term healthy baby should be less than 10 at 24 hours of age. If it is 10 or higher, you usually need phototherapy and further investigation
  13. spartangal1989

    My first med error :(

    It sounds like you are on the right track to prevent further med errors. Whats important is that we learn from our mistakes. Of course you feel bad, I personally feel its important to allow time to feel a little bad (we do work with very precious patients). You allow time to grieve your error (which by the way is VERY minor compared to ones I have seen) and then you move on, confident that you have a system in place to prevent that error from happening again. But rest assured in your career, you will make another med error (just not the same one as you did!) A wise man learns from his mistakes, a genius learns from the mistakes of other:)
  14. spartangal1989

    NICU Parent Discharge Education

    WOW! What a great thing to actually require that all parents take a class. We have no such requirement, except for CPR for home o2, trach, and vent discharges. But I have made it a priority to teach our parents. Plus getting families together allows them to get a modicum of social support from someone that is in their shoes. That being said....... I agree that CPR is a great place to start. Currently we have started doing classes on various preemie topics (ROP, breastfeeding pre-terms,IVH, basic respiratory issues) I have been combining these classes with a little craft/keepsake for the parents to make(I have done different things with handprints, footprints, scrapbooking photos, etc) this has brought participation way up. the funniest thing is the dads seem to enjoy these crafts just as much as the moms, and they make nicer looking things too! Hope this gives you a jumping off point! A
  15. spartangal1989

    Anyone attended Wayne State University??

    sorry to hear of your poor experiences. I wish the CON were more supportive of you. As for the NCLEX, I took the Kaplan course (which is expensive) but they guaranteed a passing score or you could retake the class. It is a shame that you cannot practice in this country as you obviously have a passion for caring for kids. I just strongly urge you not to give up on trying the NCLEX. I will keep good thoughts for you
  16. spartangal1989

    Anyone attended Wayne State University??

    I attended wayne state for both grad and undergrad. found it very affordable. most instructors were good, with a few rotten eggs. I enjoyed the diversity of students and staff.