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    paying for CRNA school

    I am currently an SRNA with 7 months left to go and I can tell you the job market has changed DRASTICALLY since I started school. I personally know 2 people who had their contracts dropped while they have been in school due to the facilities deciding they didnt have the money to continue paying for the students tuition/stipend/etc. One of them is suing because that put them repaying the money to the hospital and the other student didnt have to re-pay the money according to their contract. So guy number two got 2 semesters (almost) of free money - however he no longer has a job waiting for him upon graduation and he is struggling to pay his way thru the remainder of school. I dont know how I would have made it this far without my savings. I certainly dont want to sound negative because I am LOVING anesthesia. But make sure the money/job is on the other end because you are going to be in a lot of debt.

    What kind of people are CRNAs?

    First of all congratulations and kudos to you for changing careers! Everyone should enjoy their work :) I am knocking on 40 and I am currently a senior anesthesia student so I understand needing a career change. I will try to answer some of your questions - I am sure others will have more insight. 1. I believe that you will need a BSN for anesthesia school at most colleges 2. Good CRNA's - bright, think on their feet, good with technology/equipment (we LOVE putting in a-lines, CVL's, doing epidurals, love new equipment etc.), good at multi tasking. Most of the folks that go to CRNA school are the super bright critical care nurses. The ones that are charge nurses, handle the sick patients, the nurses that other people admire. Definately the type A folks, good at math and science their entire lives, at least decent at math and some are great at math. Most are good test takers and those who are not definately struggle in CRNA school. (lots and lots of tests) 3. we study chemistry, physics, advanced anatomy, physiology, pathophys, lots of pharm and then everything else is very, very anesthesia specific. 4. people are gonna scream at this but I would say factual, memorizing, linear (bearing in mind I am still a student and I am obviously functioning at that level). Now I do not mean that we dont think on our feet we certainly do but anesthesia is a very narrow focused specialty vs. APN which is much more broad focus. 5. Hummm I wouldnt say stark contrast to other APN specialties - just a difference in the amount of patient interaction, amount of procedures you do daily.

    GRE.. pointless exam??

    Schools live or die by their board exam pass rates, which is yet another standardized, computerized exam. With that in mind my program director says the GRE gives them an indication of how well the student will do taking that type of exam.

    Future CRNA's ; what about your families?

    Well I am in the depths of the upheaval, poverty, lack of time, etc. at the moment. I do pity my family and I pray our sacrifices will be worth it. So no sugar coating from me it TOUGH family wise! (and school wise) Make sure your family is on board and knows up front how hard it will be. You will definately need everyone in the same boat rowing the same direction to make it through with everything intact. I think it is going to be worth it and my family is trying to be understanding. Its just a lot for everyone to deal with.

    How bright to become CRNA?

    Okay, several points to address here: 1. getting your ADD under control will help a TON (I also have ADD) 2. your to far off to predict if you will be a good CRNA or not. I know that folks make decisions way in advance that they are going to nursing school, CRNA school etc but in reality its a bit more complicated. First you go to nursing school (by the way I was not a "standout" in nursing school)- then you go to ICU. Now I will say I was pretty much a standout in ICU because I enjoyed it so much. The CRNA material ICU nurses are the "cream of the crop" folks, the ones that physicians ask for, managers feel safe and comfy when they are on shift, etc. 3. Your work ethic WILL most definately help you in CRNA school. While being intelligent is expected (required) the truth is a lot of CRNA school is just plain ole hard work. Lots of hours, volumes of information, and stamina is mandatory. 4. I say "Go for It!" the worst that can happen is you get thru your RN and find out you dont really want the CRNA or CRNA school is a bit out of your grasp. You will still be a Registered Nurse! RN's have good earning potential, job security, benefits, and lots of options. A wonderful profession which has afforded me a good living and exciting career for many years prior to CRNA school. Good Luck!!!!!!:spin:

    Advice Please

    They looked hard at my last 60 hours and looked past my overall. Make sure you have a good GRE score, interview, etc. and you should be fine.

    Does LTAC count as critical care?

    I agree that LTAC work would be VERY challenging. My father is currently in an LTAC after having a single car motor vehicle accident this past December. The first 3 weeks after his accident he was in the Neuro Trauma Unit at a major university hospital - bilat flail chest, retrosternal bleed with fx sternum, PE, orally intubated, a-line, swan, CT scan every day, multiple vasoactive gtts that changed on any given day due to huge bp swings, gtt, insulin gtt, diprivan gtt, ICP monitoring, etc. He was moved to the LTAC after they trach'd him, PEG tube placed, ICP monitoring out, Swan out, a-ling out, and down to just a Versed gtt and Heparin gtt. Obviously still a very sick patient but just not the same acuity therefore they moved him to the LTAC so they could free a Neuro Trauma bed. LTAC nurses are AMAZING and have many of the skills needed to work critical care. However anesthesia is closer to the skills utilized in the most acute areas. This is certainly NOT a slam against LTAC nurses - heck our program will not take ICU nurses that work at small hospitals that dont do hearts or heads. OR nurses are often irked that they dont qualify for CRNA school but truthfully you need the high end critical care experience to survive school. Not really a matter of if you qualify but if you would survive the fast paced CRNA program. They expect you to already now how to keep a semi-coding patient alive for hours and hours. They dont want the OR to be the first place that you hang 4 or 5 vasoactive gtts and 10 units of blood while juggling ABG interpretations, vent changes, obtaining and treating stat lab results, etc.

    Does LTAC count as critical care?

    in my opinion LTAC experience would count when it came to interviewing for an ICU job. However LTAC is similar to the more stable ICU patients that we have that are just waiting on a stepdown bed or LTAC bed. These are the patients we give to the new nurses or we increase the assignment load for an experienced nurse. For example we use a numerical acuity scale and a trached pt on two drips waiting on an LTAC bed is a 2 while a sick pt is a 4 or 5.

    Moving from Labor and Delivery to CRNA

    if you love L & D so much why do you want to become a CRNA? You can become a great L & D nurse, midwife, or clin spec for L & D. Tons of options for a great L & D nurse. Good luck!

    SRNA careplans

    You need to purchase Jaffe (Richard) and Roizen -Essence of Anesthesia. The Roizen is out of print so you will need to ask around to find it but its GREAT. Jaffe has a new edition coming out very soon.

    Anyone have small children?

    Each family is so very different I think its hard to advise what will work well for your family. However I think you need to look at a few key points (I am sure others can think of many more key points to add to my starter list) 1. is your spouse supportive and helpful with the kids? 2. do you have family that lives locally and will help? 3. your kids personalities (may sound strange but you know each child tolerates seperation/less attention better than others) 4. finances - kiddos may like spagetti Oh's but can they really eat them every day :) FYI a 4 year old tolerates moderate poverty better than a 14 year old.........

    Anyone have small children?

    I wont sugar coat it - you will miss 28 months (or whatever your program is) of your childs life. You will have many, many times where you feel guilty and torn between school and family. A personal decision to be weighed thoughtfully by yourself and your family.

    Where are the DNP Programs?

    Great question and I am curious about DNP program locations also.

    Living while in CRNA school?

    my school is in Arkansas. Any info would be MUCH appreciated!

    Living while in CRNA school?

    I applied with a co-signer to Chase and they approved me but then they sent me a letter stating all private loans must now be school certified so I cancelled the loan. Private loans dont help a bit if they are part of your COA