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  1. don't quit your job unless you really know what your getting yourself into. I took CNA classes for a few days and quickly discovered it wasn't for me, especially since I have bad knees.
  2. gsmama

    Any Nebraska CNA Students or CNAs on here?

    I hated it and decided it wasn't the best line of work for me. Thanks for responding.
  3. I'm only in my second day and wondering what I've done. I can't even make a bed. I really don't know if I am cut out for this line of work.
  4. you sound like me. I left my job as a document services clerk for a year. I was bored out of my mind. I second guess the decision I made daily. Hopefully it was the right one. I want to do something to help people, so that's why I left the computer/desk job for a more meaningful one.
  5. gsmama

    Any Nebraska CNA Students or CNAs on here?

    How was your class? Any tips? Karen
  6. I live in Lincoln, NE and was wondering if there are any CNA students or CNAs from Nebraska on this board? I start CNA class at Tabitha on Monday. Thanks. Karen