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  1. Joyful preRn

    Acceptance letter Holmes

    My GPA is a 3.9 and I made a 23 on the ACT. They also considered my mid-term grades for this semester since I am taking A&P II, and College algebra both needed for the program, and I currently have A's in both of those. Good Luck and thanks for the congrats!
  2. Joyful preRn

    Nursing School Acceptance Letters for this FALL

    I got my letter today! I got in To HCC. ABout 700 applied and they take 60! Now what? Good Luck to all of you!
  3. Joyful preRn

    Acceptance letter Holmes

    I GOT IN!!! I received my acceptance letter today! I'm so glad the wait is over, now I can move on to stressing about getting through NS.
  4. Joyful preRn

    Holmes ADN

    I received my acceptance letter today 4/22. I went to my advisor today and she said they mailed out letters yesterday 4/21. I live in Ridgeland and am attending the Ridgeland campus so that might be why I received mine the day after they mailed them out! Good Luck to everyone!
  5. Joyful preRn

    Okay... so I might be crazy...

    Sounds similar to my load this semester: A&P II Micro College Alg W. History I'm currently making all A's. Schedule study time!! You just need to stay organized! It sounds like you have a good fooundation, so that should help alot! I do not have a full job except my 2 kids 1 husband and we have traveled home to TX 8 weekneds this semester already (7 hour trip for us). Good Luck!
  6. Joyful preRn

    Holmes ADN

    I have applied for the Fall 2008 Holmes ADN program. I made a 23 on the ACT and currently have a 3.9 and all A's in classes so hopefully I'll have a 4.0 at the end of this semester. I heard there were about 700 applicants...and 60 spots so I also applied to the LPN program today. Worried about my chances of getting in, and impatiently waiting for "the letter". Do you have a better idea of when acceptance letters get sent?
  7. Joyful preRn

    Of all the pre-req's you've taken which was hardest

    Micro for me! I am currently taking Micro and A&P II at the same time and the A&P seems to be coming pretty easy for me, but who really cares about fungi? Not me. Thank goodness I don't have to take Chem....... yet Good Luck!
  8. Joyful preRn

    Pre-Nursing "Support" Group

    Hello all! I am also currently waiting to hear if accepted into my local CC about their ADN program, and (plan B) LPN program. They have 60 spots and have already had 700 applicants. I hope to get "the letter" in Mid-May. I am also a mid 30's mother and wife, and fortunate to not have to work outside the home. I'm also new to this site, and look forward to keeping track of everyone elses process of getting in to school. Joy