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  1. atomic1976

    Psych Nurses being Floated to other floors

    This is precisely why I left the hospital setting! We too would be pulled to med-surg, mother-baby, the ER, etc. when the census was low. The charge nurses on these floors would give us an attitude if we demanded to be co-assigned or refused to give IV push meds, heparin drips, etc. Completely unsafe and a threat to our licensure. But all they care about is being able to say that they have an RN. If this is your hospital's practice, I say leave!
  2. atomic1976

    Outpatient psychiatric nursing

    I'm in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Thanks!
  3. atomic1976

    Panic attacks

    Glad to hear you're doing better. Resist the temptation to go back to work before your dr thinks you're ready -- you'll just end up stressing yourself. You deserve a break!
  4. atomic1976

    Outpatient psychiatric nursing

    Can any of you give me an idea of the difference in pay inpatient vs. outpatient? I have an interview on Friday at an outpatient clinic, but it's about 40mi from where I live and I wonder if it will pay enough to make up for the price of gas! Also, what exactly does an outpatient psyc nurse do? My experience is one year inpatient psyc as an RN, along with 5 years experience working with the mentally ill and homeless with a B.S. in Psychology. Thanks!!!
  5. atomic1976

    Frustrated and confused

    your post is ironic because i was just about to start a new thread titled: "are there any non-medical psyc units out there?" sorry to glom in on your thread, but it seems related. i am a fairly new nurse , i first got my b.s. in psychology in 2001 then found out i couldn't make enough money to repay my student loans so i went to an accelerated bsn program and graduated in dec 2006. at the psyc floor that i worked on, we didn't start iv's but we ran them. we straight cathed, inserted foleys, flushed and used picc lines, had pts on telemetry, packed wounds, etc. i actually found this frustrating and confusing because these patients demanded so much medical attention that we were unable to address the psychiatric needs, which are supposed to be the primary reason for admission to a locked unit. it would be like a nurse on cvicu spending half her shift talking to her patients about how their mothers didn't love them... in my opinion, it is best practice for psyc nurses to be just that: psyc nurses. it is a very unique specialty and i feel that patient safety as well as our licensure is put at risk when we are given medical patients. if you are not dealing with med-surg on a daily basis, the risk for error increase greatly. now of course i agree that in the situations you mentioned, there is no excuse for such ignorance of basic nursing skills. but seriously, i am asking where do you work because it sounds like the kind of floor i'm interested in. i live in a smaller city and the three psyc floors in the area all have significant med-surg overlap. i am interested in travel nursing but i want to know about units that are strictly psyc and discourage the admission of medical patients. could fellow psyc rn's please let me know of such floors you have worked on? thanks so much, this is a great forum.
  6. atomic1976

    Psych Travel Nurses

    Thanks for starting this thread! Would you mind telling me what agency you are using? I am a psyc RN and am interested in traveling. Thanks!
  7. atomic1976

    Panic attacks

    Psychiatric units are very restrictive and I wouldn't recommend it unless you are having thoughts of harming yourself, otherwise you may actually find that the hospitalization will actually exacerbate your condition. The padded rooms and restraints are reserved for those patients who are out of control in a violent or self-injurious way. But you will have limited access to phones, visiting hours are restricted, your personal belongings are locked up, and there's very little privacy. Plus, you are locked in! Hopefully your Paxil has kicked in by now. Let us know how you're doing.
  8. atomic1976

    NC State psychiatric facilities

    Hi there! I am new to the forum too. I am a fairly new RN (graduated Dec 06) with 1 year inpatient psychiatric nursing experience, a BS in psychology and 6 years experience in human services prior to going to nursing school. My problem is, I hated hospital nursing because I have absolutely no interest in anything medical. The unit where I worked got a lot of elderly patients, transfers from the medical units, telemetry, IVs, foleys, etc. I want to stay away from that, psyc is my passion. I am debating between outpatient psyc nursing or travel psyc nursing. Are patients in state hospitals typically medically clear? What was your experience like? I appreciate your input!
  9. atomic1976

    Concerns about Nursing

    I had the same problem with the weak stomach/dizziness when I first started nursing school. Watching my classmates give practice injections and observing an RN pack a wound during clinicals nearly made me faint. I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to get over it, but I found that once I was actually DOING the procedures rather than watching them being done, I was fine. I was able to stop focusing on empathetic pain for the patient and concentrate more on my technique. So try not to worry too much.
  10. atomic1976

    Advice on reputable travel agencies

    Can anyone give me some names of travel nursing agencies that you have worked for that have been a positive experience? I am interested in psychiatric travel nurse opportunities. Thanks!