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  1. Beijos

    Sharing Personal Information at Work

    I understand the relationship question and why you might not want to provide that information. I doubt this is the situation that you are in but when I initially started on my unit, I hated that question. Not because I didn't like answering it but I hated the comments and questions that insued afterward. This is because I have been dating my boyfriend for 8 years. The reaction I got from nearly everyone is...why aren't you married? Well who cares? Do you have to be married to be happy? No. Everyone has their reasons. So I tried to avoid the question at first because they made me feel like there was something wrong with it (in a way) by saying things like well someone must be this or that. When you hear things enough, it can upset you. As they got to know me and him better they realized it was nothing in the rumor mill. Now I still hate float people asking me because you can see the judgement on their face but it's happened so many times it almost doesn't annoy me anymore. Anyway, tell them what you want. I understand everyone has their reasons for why they might not tell others about topics that don't seem personal to others. Just know people talk either way...if you tell them or if you don't.
  2. Have you ever reported your work to the board of nursing for unsafe practices and working conditions? I wondered what happened-investigation, etc...if anything. If you could elaborate or if you know there is a link to a discussion about this already, please post. Thanks in advance.
  3. Beijos

    When ill equipped students affect your grade...

    .....and like i said...in my opinion your instructor did exactly what she should have done. i never said you should fail the nursing program. i am not blaming anyone. i think what is being typed is not coming across the way i wished it would. so hopefully the following will not either. if the student comes to clinical unprepared, then eventually she will fail but what is the harm in helping them out in the mean time? i never said you know everything either. i apologize if that is how it sounded. i was pointing out the fact that you will eventually come across a situation where you will need help...and i hope you do not find yourself in a situation where your fellow nurse feels that you are unprepared or "incompetent". your future fellow nurses might not think that it is their responsibility to educate you either as there will mostly be an educator but just like the educator your instructor is only one person. they cannot be everywhere at one time. so sometimes, we have to rely on each other to help out. be thankful that your instructor felt you knew the material well enough to teach the other student. this is not a missed opportunity as you are learning how to teach someone how to learn a concept. you have to do this in nursing, it's called pt education. i understand you feel it is not your responsibility and you are concerned that this individual will put others at harm but eventually this person will be weeded out no matter if it is by clinical, tests, nclex, or future employers... if they are truly incompetent. i know this is not very reassuring but honestly i do not recall much of anything in nursing school that did not require a licensed staff member to observe but maybe my school was a lot different. finally, pleeeeeeeeeeease in the future take this situation as a complement. speak out about it if you cannot get what you need to do for your own patients to care for them adequately. i can honestly say i have not read every post in this thread, and maybe that was happening but i doubt your instructor would have asked you if this was the case. anyway, you obviously are excelling right now and i hope that continues. i hope the situation did not seriously change your grade but if it did, i am sure understand that grades aren't everything...even if you want to go to grad school one day. what is meant to be will be. good luck!
  4. Beijos

    When ill equipped students affect your grade...

    I would have docked you all of your grade for the day. One day you will need help, or be seen as "incompetent" to another...probably when you graduate. I don't care how much you know someday you won't understand something. How would you feel if those fellow nurses did not help you out? I hope it never happens to you but what goes around comes around. So, I'm sorry to be mean but yes this was a good move by your instructor in my opinion. Have some compassion for your fellow student.
  5. So, I got a call today saying that my manager needed to do a review on me...by Friday. A little background here. I graduated two years ago with my BSN, have been on the same unit since graduation, and yes this will be my first review. Let me tell you though...HR has known about this for about a year now. That didn't get me a review though. So far I should have had a minimum of a 3 month, 6 month, 12 month and now 2 year review. Probably more since I was a new grad! I am not the only one who hasn't had their reviews and asked. Everyone is in the same boat. I just don't know what to do or say. There is so much frustration built up that she already knows about because she sat in the same room with me and HR. (The meeting with HR was b/c I left one day and gave my patients to a nurse that came in extra who didn't have a load of patients. I had been so verbally abused by a doctor that I felt I couldn't take care of my patients like I should. My manager was unavailable as usual, and the shift leader and educator let me leave after I requested, they said take as much time as I wanted. I thought it was ok and after report, I left. The next day I had to go to HR. Basically they claimed I abandoned my patients but I had given full report to someone who was about to go home anyway and agreed to stay in my place. I felt I did the right thing protecting my patients.) The units turn over is staggering. I feel that speaks for itself. In fact, we had someone on staff that left after working here for over 20 years because it was so poorly run. I really don't know why I have stayed for so long, I guess I am just comfortable with what I am doing. I just want to know what I am good at and what I need to improve upon and I feel like I haven't got that. I have had reviews for other jobs in the past but I was wondering how will this go down. I mean I need to know what is going to be asked because I am really afraid I am just going to go off. I know no one knows on this forum, and I should be asking my fellow employees but many have never had one since they have been there. The whole staff was nearly new when I started. I mean after all, my preceptor had been there for a month when she began orienting me. I guess one of my biggest concerns is that this is my first real job. I had only worked retail, food service, etc. I don't know what a good raise is...assuming I get one. I really feel like I should be making more than a new grad. I just don't know how to go about it, and I am afraid that I will feel insulted with whatever I get and I will want to quit there. I guess all my pent up emotions are in part because of every little thing that is messed up on the unit. It's nothing different from what you see on everyone else's posts it just seems to be all of those complaints at once. I really want to transfer in stay in the system but I know if I don't get a raise my pay won't change until my new manager feels like it should. I guess could you all tell me what your reviews were like. How to act, I'm really nervous. Honestly, how much of a raise is too much to ask for considering I started two years ago as a new grad? I know that all depends upon where your at, how well you perform, etc...but how much did your pay go up after two years as a nurse?...if any :/
  6. Beijos

    Port-a-cath needle size?

    What does TSM stand for?
  7. Beijos

    Port-a-cath needle size?

    I know the package said gripper or it was gripper plus I'm not sure.
  8. Beijos

    Port-a-cath needle size?

    How do you know what size needle you need for a port-a-cath? Is it just trial and error? The reason I ask is I accessed one the other day for the first time with a 20g x 1inch needle with the help of a nurse who had accessed one before. It seemed like we needed a shorter needle, but she didn't know how to decide either. I asked 8 nurses over the past day, no one knows. I checked the chart too, it wasn't listed. Anyway, does anyone know?
  9. Beijos

    What is a 2/3 split?

    I am thinking of applying for a job at a hospital that is listed as 7a-7p 2/3 split. What does 2/3 split mean?
  10. opps well I guess someone already menitioned the dash thing right above me!
  11. We had a girl come in named La-a.....but you had to say it literally as "la dash a"
  12. Beijos

    Nursing Truths: They don't want you to know about!

    If you value your physical and mental health, do not choose nursing as a career.
  13. Beijos

    Name your poison

    I have an unhealthy need for foot massages after my shifts. Or....well...I don't think it's unhealthy but my boyfriend does....perhaps it's because he's the one that has to give them to me every night.
  14. Beijos

    First nursing interview THURSDAY!!

    Hey, I'm actually interviewing for jobs right now as well. Although I am certainly not a seasoned nurse, I'm graduating in June, I can tell you some questions that I have had so far. They have asked me: Why do you want to work here Why do you want to go into Oncology What would you do if a nurse was not following protocol for a procedure Tell me a time when you implemented the nursing process How have you dealt with a conflict you have had What would you do if you could not feel your patient's pedal pulse and was not heard on doppler Etc... I wear dress black pants and a nice shirt. I have seen people wear suits to their interviews as well, but I wasn't going to buy one because I would never use it again. I was told by nurse recruiters that spoke with us that they don't care, but they said wear one if you have it. They also said that they do not want to see people with capri's, wearing cleavage revealing tops, etc... Anyway, good luck with your interview! I hope some of this helps. One more thing, don't go in acting like because you will be graduating, you should automatically get a job. The nurse recruiters told us they absolutely hate this and it happens all the time. Perhaps that's because everyone stresses there is a nursing shortage in America but where I am from, there isn't a shortage. So anyway, I hope it goes well.
  15. I am graduating in June with my BSN and planning on moving to Knoxville, TN. I've applied to several hospitals in Knoxville and I was wondering if anyone could fill me in on how much they start new RN's, particularly at UT medical center. In addition, if you know the shift diff's, benefits, ratio's, or anything else that may be beneficial to know that would be great. As of right now, I have been told covenant-fort sanders starts at 18.10/hr with $3 more for evening/night, and I think $2 more for weekends. Any info will be greatly appreciated, thanks!