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  1. luvazsun

    Do you check residual on J-Tube?

    If the doctors order clarified which tube feeding was supposed to be in, that would be helpful.
  2. In all my years on nursing, and all the jobs I've interviewed for and accepted, not once did anyone ask me what degree i earned in order to be an RN. The main question is always - do you have a current license? Have we forgotten that unless you pass NCLEX, it doesn't matter what degree you have, you're not a Registered Nurse. Sorry if there are typos here - the site is not very IPad friendly :)
  3. luvazsun

    What is your personal philosophy of nursing?

    Nursing is my job, not my life.
  4. luvazsun

    Clinicals, and Job Offers

    When I was a student (many years ago) we were able to work as NA's in the hospital we did our clinicals. It was valuable experience and it allowed me to developed relationships with the staff, charge nurses and managers. If you can, try getting hired as an NA during school. It's does look good on your resume!
  5. Wait until you have everything they require, otherwise, it delays processing.
  6. Allowing myself to agree to disagree.
  7. luvazsun

    Can you chart too much?

    Incident reports are not supposed to be referred to in the patients medical record.
  8. luvazsun

    Rant: I will SHOW you where it is

    Geeze, my ex was like that!
  9. luvazsun

    Another rant regarding MA's and Nurses

    I think the reason BON's do not go after MA's referring themselves as nurses is because MA's are certified, licensed or whatever (depending on the state) by the Medical Board, not nursing, so they do not have any say in the matter. I know 2 offices that have a phone system that say "if you want to speak to a nurse..." and they do not employ RN's. I have heard MA's giving medical advice because " that's what the doctor always orders", so they believe they know what to do. I think the doctors who allow this in their offices should be reported to the medical board, however, the medical board (after I reported a doc), allow the doctor to decided what their MA can and cannot do. So, why did MA's become so popular - NA's do the same "tasks", but the doctors wanted to control them, and they can't control NA's? Just wondering.
  10. luvazsun

    Prophecy Testing

    Sort of sounds like profiling to me.
  11. luvazsun

    The reverse end of "my preceptor hates me"

    Student or not, she was just being rude by not asking if she could use the computer, and then to just move your stuff - unbelievable! Being a stressed out, tunnel- visioned student isn't an excuse for rude behavior. Don't enable that type of behavior - she might end up working in your unit one day!
  12. luvazsun

    Here's hoping!

    I did my NRP renewal today so I could have it current on my resume and hopefully improve my chance for landing back in NICU - so, with my resume tucked sweetly in my purse, was able place it in the hands of someone with power! YIPPEE! And, FYI - lots of changes to NRP staring in January 2012 - like no more suctioning mec @ the cords!?!
  13. luvazsun

    New Grads vs Me. I hate this economy.

    I think the problem with hiring someone "because they know someone" is wrong! They could be hiring a really crappy nurse ( just making a statement, not implying you are!) when a great nurse goes unrecognized.
  14. luvazsun

    New Grads vs Me. I hate this economy.

    I have 20 years experience but no hospital experience within the past 2 years. I get rejection letters that say they don't hire new grads into this position! It's ridiculous. I wonder if my applications really get read past "date of last employment". So, I hear your frustration!
  15. luvazsun

    New York poised to require bachelor's degrees for RNs

    Legally I can call myself anything - Domestic Engineer. The business won't hire you and call you an engineer, but they could provide on the job training to do the job of an engineer - much cheaper IMO. Much like what happens in nursing - you really learn the nuts and bolts of a specialty on the job - not in school.