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  1. Meri07, I'm not sure on the exact cost for the whole program, but your tuition estimate sounds about right. Be prepared to spend a LOT of money on books. I spent around $800 for first semester and bought most of mine individually from Barnes and Noble because it ended up being cheaper than the package they put together for you. Good luck to all of you that applied!
  2. Malefocker- My prereq grades were all As and my gpa is a 3.7. Not sure how this compares to the rest of my classmates- it might be worth calling the department to see if they will tell you the average stats for the incoming cohort. I was at orientation a few days ago and some instructors were mentioning that the admission criteria is going to change. I'm pretty sure they said it would kick in for Spring 2011 but I'm not 100% positive so you might want to check with the department to see if this will affect you. In the future they will be looking not just at grades, but also at work/volunteer/life experiences, etc. Good luck, I hope you get in!
  3. Jolen, Wow, congrats on doing so well! I've heard mixed reviews from people too- some say it's super easy and some think it's really tough. I'm glad to hear you thought it was pretty basic. I can't believe there wasn't any anatomy! Darn, that was one of the subjects I actually felt ok about. Thanks for the info!
  4. AAnderson, Thanks so much! SUPER exciting that you're starting at the hospital this week- I'm dying to hear how it goes when you've got time! I totally don't mind the nosy-ness. You're so nice for being interested! At the moment I have no idea when I will move down or where I will live....scary! Do you have any good suggestions for apartment/condo complexes that are affordable but nice and near the campus? I'd like to live in Mission Viejo because it seems a bit more affordable than most of the surrounding areas. What do you think? For the TEAS I ended up buying the ATI guide plus another Kaplan one since I've heard ATI doesn't cover the science portion very well. Probably overkill but it'd be horrible to fail and not be able to start the program! So far I feel ok about the material, I just need to review chemistry and physics since it's been a loooong time since I've thought about any of that stuff. Any tips you have would be great! I really appreciate all the help everyone has given on this forum- it was definitely the determining factor in my decision to go to Saddleback. You guys are the best!
  5. Thanks you guys!!! AAnderson- Yup, I'm totally sold on Saddleback and I can't wait to start! Paperwork/TEAS is Oct 12th and orientation is Dec 11th.
  6. Whoohoo, got my acceptance letter in the mail yesterday! I'm so excited!!! Jessie88, did you hear back yet? I hope we'll be classmates!
  7. Jessie88, thanks for updating me! I called the counselor back and explained my situation and she told me the new class I signed up for would "probably" transfer. I'm still not really sure what happened the first time I talked to her, but I have a feeling you're right- she must have thought I was talking about pharmacology instead. Sorry I scared you! Thanks SO much for mentioning this whole thing to me- I'm really glad that I can knock this class out in advance. I owe you!
  8. Sorry about that. Jessie88, I sent you a message with the contact info.
  9. Hi Jessie88, I tried emailing her but never heard back so I think calling her directly is your best bet. Good luck, let me know what happens!
  10. Jessie88- I emailed the counseling dept and they referred me to to the counselor for the nursing program. I spoke to her on the phone and she told me that the woman who teaches the lifecycle courses, Someone else, has the final say on what can transfer. They said she is very strict and in the past has only accepted courses taken either at Saddleback or one of the two other neighboring ccs (can't remember the names, sorry). I was signed up for a 3 unit dev. psych course but dropped it yesterday based on what I was told. Do you remember which counselor you talked to? Thanks for the heads up- I hope I can re-enroll and get it taken care of in advance!
  11. AAnderson, thanks for the info! I know it's impossible not to be nervous about starting, but from what you've shared about your background I bet you'll have a bit of a head start compared to many people in your class. I'm sure you will do great! Yikes, 12 hour clincials must be exhausting...
  12. Cool, thanks Soon2BNurse3! Luckily, I took pharm a few semesters ago so I won't have to worry about it (man, I'm happy that class is over!). Glad to hear the rest is pretty manageable. I appreciate all the help!
  13. Hey everyone! For some reason I stopped getting the email alerts about this thread so I thought it had died again....it was a nice surprise to see all your new posts! Thank you SO much for sharing all the helpful info (and also the encouragment, AAnderson- it was much appreciated :)). You guys are getting me way too excited about Saddleback's program- it's really nice to hear that the faculty is supportive and focused on creating great nurses, not just pumping a bunch of people through the program. Now I'm going to be totally bummed if I don't get in! AAnderson, if you don't mind sharing, how much are you planning to work during the program? I'd like to work too but I don't want to compromise my grades/sanity. Soon2BNurse3, before starting the program had you finished every possible nursing curriculum course that they allow you to take in advance (like pharmacology, the two lifecycle classes, psychology, etc.)? All I have left are the two lifecycles classes but I just found out that you can't take them anywhere but Saddleback. Unfortunately I live 8 hours away so it's just not going to happen. Will I go totally insane if I take these first semester with the nursing core? Thanks so much you guys and good luck!
  14. AAnderson: To be totally honest I'm applying to Saddleback because at this point I'm desperate. I'm on a ton of waitlists but they're all at least 2 years long and I'm anxious to get started. I also really like that Saddleback takes into account how well you do in classes instead of just putting you at the back of the line as soon as you finish your prereqs. I looked into ABSN programs but I really want to have a soild foundation so I'm totally okay with putting in an extra year of school. How about you? Are you considering an ABSN at all? If you don't mind sharing, what kind of medical background do you have?
  15. Yup, fall and spring: http://www.saddleback.edu/hs/rn/