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    CNA's Union-Busting in Ohio-An Open Letter

    It is very disturbing that the CNA is spending their time disrupting the union organizing efforts of SEIU. At a time when less than 8% of private sector workers are organized--it is clear that there is plenty of NEW territory. How can Rose DeMoro pass herself off as a tradeunionist when her strategic plan is the destruction of RN & other HEalth care worker organizing. There is not ONE nursing organization and there is not one way to organize. Clearly the open letter indicates the workers at CHP knew what they wanted and who they wanted to organize with. Did it ever occur to the CNA in their arrogant wisdom that the Boss filed for the election believing the Union would lose??? It is actions like the CNA interference that promotes the negative stereotypes of unions and promotes the demise of tradeunionism in this country. Having witnessed CNA negative tactics in St. Louis---I can only say I was proud that SEIU was principled and honest in their communications & support of the Nurses at St John's. The leadership rose above the sewer tactics of the CNA.