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  1. RN_Kishawn

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I would like to comment that I took the test on Monday. It shut off after 75 or 76 questions. I was horrified. I raised my hand and the proctor walked me out of the testing room. I went to my car and cried and cried some more. I just knew I failed that test because I didn't receive a single math problem, picture diagram, place things in order, or listen to a heart sound. I had a bunch of SATA, and priortization questions and teaching. Anyway, after I came home from the test I tried the PVT trick and I got the good pop up. So the next day, I check my state board site and it said NCLEX RN passed!!! I'm still in shock that i passed the exam.
  2. RN_Kishawn

    ACLS class

    I would like to take an ACL class as well. Please keep me inform. Thanks
  3. RN_Kishawn

    03/24/09 placements, The Who Got in Where Thread

    sorry kss0740, for some reason i can't receive or send out private messages. therefore, i'm unable to view the message you've sent. anyway, thanks for getting back with me. and if it not too much of a problem, could you email , with the subject line being gcc placement. thanks. members may click on the envelope icon, to the right of registered user (above), below member's name, to send email. --- dianah, allnurses.com staff
  4. RN_Kishawn

    03/24/09 placements, The Who Got in Where Thread

    Hey, do you remember what your time stamp was for Glendale Part time program? My timestamp is Feb 2008 as well and, I'm curious when will I be able to start the program? Thanks, Kishawn