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innocence2020 has 25 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. innocence2020

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    You told the story here...you were treated terribly. I hope your assignments will be fair in days to come. Keep everything written down. Memory fades. You should keep a record. In addition, you certainly should complain to the powers that be. I am sorry to say, I am not terribly surprised. People are often disappointing, sometimes surprising in their kindness. Since you know how it feels, I pray you will be the one who surprises others by her kindness.
  2. innocence2020

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

  3. innocence2020

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    You need to follow your intuition. We can't be judging each other for leaving, whether young or old. Everyone must do what they feel. Don't put your family at risk if you are very fearful of this. You should be supported by nursing, no matter what your choice. Blessings
  4. innocence2020

    Acute COVID, What We're Seeing

    Brilliant idea. you can leave it propped up at the window and go about your business in the room.
  5. innocence2020

    Considering Quitting my Job

    I don't think you have to give a reason. If you do, you are a kind and generous person, anyway. You will find another job. Protect yourself.
  6. innocence2020

    Considering Quitting my Job

    Beautifully written, and I think you speak for many of us. Everyone has to take care of him and herself, because ADMIN is not going to do it for us. I took care of a woman recently who was admitted with flu. Her lungs sounded like concrete. No air exchange. Febrile. She was not tested for Covid because she did not "fit criteria". She's dead. 52 years old. I was suspicious, and did wear a yellow mask while taking care of her, but others did not. Since then, I have my own N-95 hidden away for emergencies, because I may not be issued one by the hospital.
  7. innocence2020

    COVID-19 Testing

    I am horrified that you are being asked to do the tests without an N-95. Please don't.
  8. innocence2020

    Accidentally told my coworker what I make, BIG ISSUES NOW

    Yes, you will find it best to keep your true feelings sometimes to yourself. Some of us have our thoughts written all over our faces, so it may be challenging. You don't owe co-workers a thing, except politeness, and ability to perform as a team. Personal info? No. Let them speculate. People find enough to talk about without adding additional fuel. Long ago, I heard a nurse tell another co-worker, "Sorry, I don't discuss that." It stuck with me.
  9. innocence2020

    Accidentally told my coworker what I make, BIG ISSUES NOW

    I am sorry this happened to you, but its a good lesson. You never tell anyone your wage, and keep a lot of your personal life just that. Nursing is quite competitive. You will make some wonderful friends in the career. Just remember that the people you work with are not particularly friends, they are "people you work with." Be friendly, be polite, but don't feel the obligation to answer every question people ask you. It is really none of their business. Some people have a very clever way of coming across innocently, prodding for your personal information. Their only goal is to spread your business, because it makes them feel important. Be proud of your BSN, and know that you are worth every single cent and more that you are being paid. You sound like a very kind and trusting person. Don't stoop to their level, and I would not even confront the nurse. You can just look at her and she will KNOW that you know. You don't need her approval. I wish you many blessings!
  10. innocence2020

    Am I supposed to hate my first nursing job??

    Yes, I would try to stick it out, keep the money. I have no doubt its hard, that's why turnover is so quick. I hope you have peace about whatever decision you make. Once you decide, stick to it, no going back.
  11. innocence2020

    Am I supposed to hate my first nursing job??

    I can relate. I hated my first nursing job. We actually had cna's at that time and a couple of orderlies! They put me in charge right out of nursing school, 30 beds and I had to keep up with the cnas as well. I would cry every day at 3, at shift change. I hated day shift. Now I work 12 hour shifts, only at night in ICU. It is difficult, but the great nights make you remember why you do it. The bad nights make you want to quit,and stress you out. The friends you make are precious. I love having such a wide variety of co-workers from all different kinds of backgrounds and cultures. I wish you all the best.
  12. innocence2020

    LifePoint Duke Hospitals-Anyone work for one?

    I would say look for something else. It is all about the money, but the money won't be for you. Hospitals that offer large sign on bonuses do so because its a last ditch effort. I know from experience.
  13. innocence2020

    Coworker having access to my password and charting

    This is illegal and you have rights. Go to risk management, fill out a report asap . I have never heard of such abuse!
  14. innocence2020

    New icu position

    You have to manage your nights. Have everything ready ahead of time, and do lie down before working the first night. Even a two hour break with feet elevated will help. Take healthy food to work: nuts, cheese, fruit, and bottles of water will serve you well. No junk. Whole wheat bread with turkey. You'd be surprised how much you will appreciate a fresh green salad in the middle of the night. Pack your toothbrush and toothpaste, it will energize you to brush after your meal. Keep notes on your patients. You can't remember everything, and it will be helpful when you give report. When you get home after your shift, its okay to take about an hour to settle into bed after your shower. Have your room cool and dark. Blackout curtains can even be found at discount stores now, and you will need them. Get an old fashioned wind up alarm clock. No need to worry about power outages, and they are loud as can be. Don't try to do much during the hours before your next shift. You need to conserve your energy to be awake all night. I bring tiny vials of peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil to work. A little sniff of them at two a.m. helps energize me, and clears my mind. You will find your own little tricks for night shift. I wish you all the best. You can truly concentrate on your patient at night.
  15. innocence2020

    I have a nagging dilemma regarding an accident

    I would not hand over my personal notes. Period. Your employer may try to hang you out to dry...
  16. innocence2020

    What do you hate most about your job?

    The worst part of my job is how I feel trying to sleep in the daytime. I have been working night shift for many years. it has never been easy, but it is so hard now that I am older. I still love my work, love helping people recover.

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