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  1. Question about Kaplan decision tree.

    Am I looking at it wrong. Should I be thinking Physiological and psychosocial instead of physical and psychosocial. Thanks for everyone who has responded and for those who do in the future.
  2. Question about Kaplan decision tree.

    Ok here is a better explanation. In kaplan decision tree. without being to specific. sorry hope this is allowed. step 1: topic step 2: A or I step 3 Physical or psychosocial So my question is what is the best definition for each. What things a...
  3. Question about Kaplan decision tree.

    I'm studying for my nclex and attempting to use the decision tree. My question is I'm having problems when I get to the Maslow's part of picking between physical and psychosocial. Does anyone have any good ideas on deciding what is physical and wha...
  4. Is Kaplan helpful?

    I think Kaplan is very helpful. They teach you ways to break down questions. I also think the Qbank questions are very similar to real nclex questions.
  5. Help on care plan

    I know this won't help but I will never miss having to do another care plan.
  6. Have I done Enough

    You definitely shouldn't cram the day before a test. Rent a movie or two and try to relax.
  7. Blowing the whistle on your facility

    I would be very careful and think hard before you do this.
  8. Tip for studying for the NCLEX

    Good luck
  9. Nursing school interview today

    I think it's important to ask them questions. You have some prepared and just be yourself.
  10. My QuickResult

    I think whatever makes you happy is what you should specialize in. Renal nursing is very good.
  11. I definitely think in that situation that it's your duty as health professional to report that person. If it directly affects a patient then I think it's your duty.
  12. Just took my NCLEX today and shutoff at 75 : (

    I only had to wait two days to get my results. I won't lie it was the worst two days ever. I couldn't sleep or eat. It's nuts how much pressure is involved with this test.
  13. Failed Nclex twice. Please help

    I currently have taking the Nclex twice. I just found out that I failed again today. It is depressing I'm not going to lie, but it also makes me more determined than ever. I was wondering if anyone had advice on what strategies I should do to prep...
  14. No I will not take you to smoke a cigarette.
  15. I am a cna, and I love my job, but why is it we get pushed around so much?

    Yes gloves are actually very important to hep stop the spread of infection. Also don't allow peopel to disrespect you. I treasure the CNA that I work with.