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  1. cherryfirecracker


    Could you update your status of acceptance or declined applications for FAU? I was just curious about your GPA & hesi scores if you wouldn't mind sharing. FAU is one of the programs I'd like to apply to. Thanks
  2. cherryfirecracker

    Nova Southeastern

    May 1st is Friday...which is the deadline for the applications, and the other posters have indicated letters would be sent out then. It is tough to be patient, but likely, no one will hear prior to Friday. Enjoy a week of not knowing & hopefully relax, remember "ignorance is bliss":) It is all going to be good one way or another. Good luck & keep us posted!!! Enjoy your week!!!!
  3. cherryfirecracker

    Nova Southeastern

    Acceptance letters for the Davie campus won't be sent out until May. Or maybe it's June, I don't know. Anyway, I will keep you posted when I hear back.
  4. cherryfirecracker

    Nova Southeastern

    Interview on Friday went fine. It was a little lengthy but quite ordinary. The waiting begins; however, time is flying by so fast. If I get in great, if I don't I will just take some more classes and re-apply next semester & a couple of other programs. I feel really relaxed about the whole thing. We shall see. Thanks for asking...sorry but I can't respond to private messages because I don't have that "privilege" or whatever. Hope everyone's interviews go well & good luck to all!
  5. cherryfirecracker

    Nova Southeastern

    My interview is this Friday. Wish me luck! and good luck to all of you:)
  6. cherryfirecracker

    From Nursing to Dentistry (DDS)

    Were you always planning on a post-graduate degree? Any school of dentistry is four more years of schooling if you already have your science classes finished. Certainly, I'm not trying to dissuade you, but it is a big commitment for both time, money, and attention. I'm a dental hygienist transitioning to nursing. I've been in the dental field for over 10 years and it is repetitive, back-breaking work. Not to mention if you own your practice is it managing your own business and all that entails. Good luck to you! That is an entirely different career path for sure!
  7. cherryfirecracker

    Nova Southeastern

    It means you get an interview. As with any limited access program, applicants are screened through the application process, if you meet the criteria, an interview is granted. Then the admission committee will decide out of the interviewed applicants who is granted admittance. Depending on how many spots there are to fill vs number of applicants/interviewees, likely there are more people seeking admittance than there are spots for, so yes, people may have interviews and not be admitted. On the other hand, everyone offered admittance may decide not to attend, so usually there is an alternate list so someone may get in because someone else turns the offer to be admitted down. This is generally how a limited access program works. Hope this helps.
  8. cherryfirecracker

    Nova Southeastern

    I wish you luck as well. I will post after my interview to give the scoop on how things go.
  9. cherryfirecracker

    Nova Southeastern

    My interview is mid-April.
  10. cherryfirecracker

    Nova Southeastern

    Good luck with your interview in March. Mine is in April. I wish us both well.
  11. cherryfirecracker

    Nova Southeastern

    My interview is set for April. Nervous and excited. Good luck on finishing your prereqs and tentative acceptance for Spring 2010!
  12. cherryfirecracker

    Who wants to play the waiting game with me?

    Applied to Nova Southeastern, Ft. Lauderdale, FL bachelor's program for fall entry. Have no idea when acceptance letters are sent out, maybe June? I have a very busy semester and life though so I am sure it will fly by. Good luck to us all.
  13. cherryfirecracker

    Nova Southeastern

    Today I am sending my application to Nova Southeastern for the Fall 2009. Excited and hopeful. Give me a shout out if you are sending your application as well.
  14. cherryfirecracker

    Question about Nova's requirements

    I am applying to Nova's nursing program for the fall '09. If you look online the phone number for Nova is listed, and you can call and speak with the nursing school academic adviser...I forget his name, but the nursing dept can direct your call. He was very informative and helpful. Basically, he told me to send my application, transcripts, and letters of recommendation at the end of this semester. I am just waiting for my classes I took this past semester to show up on my transcript and then I am applying. Good luck!
  15. cherryfirecracker


    It is always an affront to yourself to be let go from a job. Recognizing your error is a sign of the high caliber of talent you possess. I have been fired from 2 jobs in a non-nursing related career, and it hurt both times. Once was because a "personality conflict" and the second time to be replaced by a former employee who left 10 years prior. Being cut from your job always finds you at the least opportune time or at least it did me. But, I have to say, both times I was let go, turned out to be one of the best things that happened to me. The first time was '03 and I took that opportunity to branch out in my career and experienced the most liberating period of my life. The second time was earlier this year, and it forced me to reconsider where my career life was going, and helped me determine to transition from my current career to pursue a nursing career. Each time I was let go, I was honest with my next employer telling them why I was let go. You do not have to give graphic details. But maybe take this time to reinvent yourself or step outside of your comfort zone...you never know what might happen. Good luck & am cheering for you!