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judeamaria is a RN and specializes in Coronary Care.

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  1. judeamaria

    Bridging Program in Australia

    Yes. Sent you a PM
  2. judeamaria

    Bridging Program in Australia

    Hi everyone, Anyone here for October 2016 intake at IHNA Perth?
  3. judeamaria

    basics for AHPRA

    Hi Marialove, maybe you can post your questions regarding ahpra requirements in this thread: https://allnurses.com/nurse-registration/meeting-ahpra-requirements-759253.html My experience is limited since I already just passed my application to ahpra too. But there are others in that thread that can best help you. :) Btw, I passed mine last January 11. Ahpra emailed me last Friday that they received my application form. Then they emailed me again today that they will inform me thru email or post if there are other documents that are still lacking. They told that assessment will commence once the documents are complete. I didn't go thru CHED though, I was assuming that maybe it's because of the autonomous status of my school which I'm really not very familiar with.
  4. judeamaria

    New nurse feeling incompetent

    Hello! :) Every nurse goes through that unsure stage at the beginning of their careers. I don't think you are incompetent. It'll get better in time my dear. And it's always best to ask when unsure, it's one way for you to learn. In the future when you're faced with the same situation, you'd know what to do already. Just sharing, when I was a newbie in the CCU, on my first ever code, I was very nervous, my hands were obviously shaking while breaking the ampule. My senior noticed it so she asked me to go out and observe. She was discreet and nice. Then time passed by and attending to codes became familiar and common occurence. No more jitters for me. 😄
  5. judeamaria

    basics for AHPRA

    Hi! Try to relax my friend. I feel you because I was overwhelmed as well with all the required documents. Now, I believe I'm done and ready to pass my application form to ahpra. Anyway, for your first question, the documents you need to attach with your agos 40 application are listed on page 13/14 of your agos application form.. the documents from your school like the tor, rle, course description are send separately and directly to ahpra, supposedly by your school. My diploma, i had it notarized. Other documents I had notarized are my passport copy,my prc board certificate copy,ielts result copy,prc id copy and nursing diploma copy... for your 2nd question, the answer is Yes, all you need to do is fill up the credit card details. For your third question, I only included the documents mentioned in the checklist I'vr mentioned earlier. I'll just wait for feedback from ahpra if they need further documents. For the last question, Yes we only need to fill up the agos 40 application form. BTW, have you applied for your international criminal history check online? You need that before you pass your application form to ahpra.
  6. judeamaria

    HAAD and Prometric exam

    hello there! Why take both exams? Just my opinion, it's better to choose one then pursue that path. I mean, if you choose to work in UAE then take just the HAAD. Anyway, I will be taking the haad exam this week... got the info about it here in allnurses.
  7. Hi! Got any information about this hospital? I also have an interview with their representatives this Monday. I'm trying to google information about this hospital. :)
  8. judeamaria

    Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod)

    check with the DCA, call them or go there personally to follow up your application...
  9. judeamaria

    Saudi- MOH

    What's important is your bsn diploma.
  10. judeamaria

    Saudi Arabia needs 2,000 nurses from the Philippines

    Hi! As far as I know, at POEA they accept only the licensed nurses. But just to be sure, it's better that you ask them directly.
  11. judeamaria

    A blatant discrimination to all filipino nurses

    Hi Spongebob, I think it's normal to feel insecure at first, especially when you have none or limited nursing experience. I felt that way too until my training at a hospital. I thought I have forgotten already the theories and skills taught to me in college coz I haven't had any hospital experience for 2 years. But when I was given the chance to train in the hospital, I slowly gained my self-confidence. I realized that I haven't forgotten what I've learned at all, though it was a gradual process for me. I had to ask help from the staff nurses then and also do some reviewing of my college books. I'm sure you'll be an excellent nurse in due time especially when you aspire to be one, which it seems you do.:)
  12. judeamaria

    The Nars Movement Partylist

    Thanks for posting. This sounds promising. :) I believe they won't have problem on garnering the needed votes considering the number of nurses here in the Phils. I think they should just make their group and advocacy known to the nurses and they would get their needed support.
  13. judeamaria

    The Curious State of Nursing Education in RP

    Wow, it seems to me you went to great pains in doing research on nursing in RP and even on our GNP. Very interesting post. Anyway, I agree with you on being a change agent. Indeed, small things can make a difference. I believe there are still nurses here who does that and probably unnoticed. With regards to your suggestion on medical tourism, The Department of Health(DOH) has started a program to promote medical tourism in RP years back. Also, I've read in the news that one hospital was approved by DOH as their full medical tourism partner. It's St. Luke's Medical Center. Other hospitals are following suit though most of them are private ones. With regards to your idea on a medical center that would be training ground for the new nurses, I don't know if it's feasible coz the budget that the government is alloting for healthcare in the country is enough for its needs at the moment. It seems health care is not in their priority. Also, just by looking at the abysmal state of most government hospitals in the Phils, I think we should just improve first on the existing hospitals before starting a new one.
  14. judeamaria

    HELP:patients access to chart

    The patient has a right to see her chart if he/she requests it. However, I don't think the relatives should be allowed coz of the patient's right to confidentiality..
  15. judeamaria

    A blatant discrimination to all filipino nurses

    Thanks for posting! This is definitely a better written article than the first. Well, I realized it's difficult and risky to comment on a topic just by reading an article. We really have to be there and see the situation or at least talk directly to the people involved. Coz there is a possibility of exaggeration on the part of the media or on the part of the people involved, especially the "victim". But then, this is a forum and everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Anyway, I stand my ground that if we want to work in another country then we must pass all the requirements they set. If we failed then sorry for us, we're not eligible to work in their country. It's their country and they have the right to set the rules. With regards to the predicament of the "rejected" Pinoy nurses in NZ, it begs the following questions. I want to know what they are doing in NZ? I mean, maybe they were promised by someone that they can work there as a health care assistant first while completing the requirements for registration in NZ? It was their decision to go there and spend their money. Wouldn't it be wiser to just have waited here in their own country for the eligibility for registration? Were they allowed to undergo the bridging program? Coz for me, if they were allowed then they're staying in NZ is justified. From what I understand, before one can undergo the bridging program they need to pass documents coming from their nursing school, PRC and employer. When they have already passed the requirements then they will know if they can now undergo the bridging program. I don't know, these are just some of the questions running in my mind now.
  16. judeamaria

    Arroyo announces 'NARS' for unemployed nurses

    If it's possible, pls keep us updated on the results of the meeting. I hope their P8,000 salary isn't just all talk.