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  1. Non-granulating wound

    Can someone show me what a CLEAN BUT NON-GRANULATING WOUND BED looks like? How can I tell that it's not granulation tissue when I see it because the definition is that it's also pink/red? I cant find any pictures online that show exactly what it's su...
  2. Venipuncture questions!

    You are amazing. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into writing this response. It was super helpful. You give nurses a good name- people like u make me want to be a better nurse thank U again.
  3. Venipuncture questions!

    I have never had the chance to do a blood draw or stick anyone. I need to do it soon and am very nervous...I need help with these questions, thank you all! 1) Aren't we supposed to go in at an angle of 10-15 degrees and STOP when we see flashback? i ...
  4. Has anyone done the WGU online RN to BSN program?

    Everything sounds good so far that I've read about WGU. I only have one question -- I graduated from my 2-yr ADN program in 2009, I graduated with a BS in bio in 2006. Are ALL my classes non-transferable because they're ALL over 5 years old?? I feel...
  5. Question about METOPROLOL!

    Order: Metoprolol tartrate 25mg/tab. Give 1/2 tab daily PRN SBP>100 or HR>100. Patient background: Paraplegic w/ hx of intracerebral hemorrhage and HTN. I know the contrainidications for metoprolol are SBP
  6. Dickies Flare pants question

    Can anyone tell me which of these 3 styles of dickies flare pants have the skinniest leg? I am shaped like a stick and I don't want to be swimming in them! Thanks in advance:) * Everyday Scrubs Flare Leg Pant, style 51206 * Sandwashed Flare Leg Pant...
  7. Question about giving O2

    thank u hypocaff!
  8. Question about giving O2

    Pt has dx of chronic lung disease. RR 50, HR 140 irreg, skin pale and cool, confused to person/place/time. Orders include O2 NC 4L/min, bedrest, soft diet, PFTs in the AM. Correct sequence of action is: 1. Semi-fowler position 2. ask staff member to ...
  9. Question: Age Related Macular Degeneration

    I do understand what you are saying and I understand the question, answer, and rationale for the answer. But I was not questioning why the correct answer was number 1. I just thought (incorrectly) that HTN was a risk factor so I was confused when I s...
  10. Question: Age Related Macular Degeneration

    Daytonite: Yep I understood why the correct answer is 1 (but your explanation was a lot better than what i was thinking :nuke:). I just thought HTN was a risk factor, I found this info on the mayoclinic website: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/macul...
  11. Practice question from Kaplan: Patient has a sudden visual loss in a portion of the visual field and is diagnosed with ARMD. It's MOST important for nurse to assess which of the following: 1. Client's feelings about permanent loss of vision. (ANSWER)...
  12. Some reviews on amazon say that it picks up sound really well. Does anyone own this? I can't afford a Littman or similar, and all I want is something that picks up sounds well cuz I can't hear jack w/the expensive Littman I'm currently borrowing! Als...
  13. CNA after 1st semester in RN program?

    Several classmates told me that you are qualified as a CNA after finishing your first semester in nursing school (for a 2 year RN program). I am past my first semester. If this is true, how can I get my CNA certification so that I can work as a CNA f...
  14. Signs of Hypoxia?

    I'm a new student so I don't have the good habit of using more critical thinking so I'll have to improve on that, but thanks for all the comments and help, I really appreciate it=)
  15. Signs of Hypoxia?

    no it's not homework, i am just reading my book. but it just gave me a definition and nothing else, and of course i tried to look it up online, i just keep getting definitions. i just remember that cyanosis is a late sign but i want to know more. i'l...