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  1. FKAParalegal

    Banner Nurse Fellows Program

    [so enough of that... I think that waiting for the email is going to make me crazy. Does anyone drive to Gateway from the west side? I am wondering how long it takes during rush hour because doesn't the pt program start at 5:30?] I just completed the BNFP at GWCC and I drive from the Surprise area. During rush hour, it would take me anywhere from 45 min to 1 hour and 15 min. I would always leave an hour and a half early.
  2. FKAParalegal

    Gateway community college controversy

    I am a block 2 student at GWCC and this is absolutely not happening. All the instructors go above and beyond when dealing with students and will do just about anything to help you suceed. Not sure of the source of this information, but it should be verified. Even if it were an isolated incident, I would guess there was more to the story than was given. I love GWCC and I have not had any issues with any instructors, whether lecture or clinical. The program is what you make of it, in my opinion. I know students who struggle to make it, but ultimately it helps them in their critical thinking skills. Gateway has the highest NCLEX pass rate, so the program is not easy...but it prepares you for the real world.
  3. FKAParalegal

    What Color Ink

    In more recent years, when filing documents with the courts, black ink is required due to the ability to see the writing when the images are copies or placed on micro.
  4. FKAParalegal


    Human Development, Pathopysiology and Nutrition are integrated into the nursing program, so if you go to a MCCCD program, you will not need those. Also, the other classes you listed I notice are part of the ASU BSN program, not the RN to BSN program. I am putting a link to the checkoff sheet for the RN to BSN bridge program for MCCCD to ASU. http://nursing.asu.edu/programs/undergraduate/rnbsn/rnbsnchksht_alliance.pdf Basically, all you need above and beyond what you needed to get into the MCCCD program is MAT142, Stats, 10 upper division elective credit hours and make sure you have a "global", "historical", and "cultural" class. For these categories, I just called a nursing advisor at ASU and had her look at my transcripts and tell me if I needed anything.
  5. FKAParalegal

    Banner Nurse Fellows Program

    I believe someone already said this, but every school and cohort is different. I am at GWCC, started in March. We are on a four week break between block 1 and block 2. We get a week between block 2 and block 3 and then four weeks off at Christmas. We have lecture two days a week from approximately 8-4 and lab or clinical two days a week from approximately 8-4 (lab) and 6:45-3 (clinicals). That is just a general overview. I know that GCC BNF only goes three days a week, from what I have heard. Two lecture days and one clinical day.
  6. FKAParalegal

    What should I do!!

    I would definitely do some research on various routes you could take before paying the price you would pay at Apollo, GCU, Chamberlain, etc. Also, I would look at the history of the pass rates of these schools, as well as how many candidates took the test during that particular quarter. ASU has a good program, but it is very competitive. Banner is also a great program to look into. I agree with some of the other posters as well to look into LPN programs and alternative programs at the community college level before burying yourself in debt.
  7. FKAParalegal

    Banner Nurse Fellows Program

    My friend turned in her application for July and received a call for an interview and actually had an interview on March 31.
  8. FKAParalegal

    Freaking out about BIO201...Please Help!

    I quit work and went back to school in May 2008. I took Bio 201 in Summer Session II at Glendale. I loved the class. It was not "easy," but very doable. If you are thinking about taking it at Glendale, there is a teacher I would highly recommend that is teaching it Summer Session I. PM me and I will give you the information. I had her husband for Bio 201 and then took her for Bio 202 in the regular Fall Session.
  9. FKAParalegal

    Banner Nurse Fellows Program

    On the second page, it says that the nursing department will register you for your nursing courses. I think you need to make sure you are enrolled at Gateway though by filling out a student information form, if you have not done so already. I know someone else in our group called today and Gateway said we should be enrolled in the next couple of weeks. Hope this helps.
  10. FKAParalegal

    Banner Nurse Fellows Program

    I got a call that I was accepted last Tuesday, received the contact and promissory note Thursday and mailed it back that same day. It is my understanding that even the people that were accepted in December have not received their packets yet. I think they wait until the cohort is full. I also heard that your status will not change for a week or two on the maricopa nursing website. Hope this helps.
  11. FKAParalegal

    Banner Nurse Fellows Program

    i would love to come, but we have a wedding this afternoon/evening. if in the future you decide to get together again, please let me know.
  12. FKAParalegal

    Banner Nurse Fellows Program

    I would love to carpool!
  13. FKAParalegal

    Banner Nurse Fellows Program

    Wow, yeah near Gateway would be best. I live in the Surprise area.
  14. FKAParalegal

    Banner Nurse Fellows Program

    I would like to get together. I am open for pretty much whenever. What part of the city does everyone live?
  15. FKAParalegal

    Banner Nurse Fellows Program

    Congratulations to you!