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  1. NurseJosh

    New Grad in Neuro ICU

    I am also starting in our Neuro CCU in one month and I appreciate the input above. Thank You!
  2. NurseJosh

    USA TODAY offers 24-hour snapshot of busy hospital ED

    Wow. great article. I didn't really appreciate the "dishwasher" analogy however. When reading articles like this it becomes a very sobering thought; working in the ER. The romantic ideation I had from watching TV shows fades pretty quickly when the realistic truth hits home. I know that working in the ER is gonna be tough and I will be challenged on a whole new level. But I know that it will also be very rewarding.
  3. NurseJosh

    Starting in the ER next week

    Hi all! I recently graduated from my RN program and will be starting in a busy level II ER in 6 days. I am very excited and also very nervous. I have wanted to be an ER nurse ever since I decided to be a nurse 5 years ago. I have spent the last week going over the threads pertaining to the ER and new grads going to the ER. I have to say-reading these threads has helped me ALOT in mentally preparing myself for this new experience. I'd just like to say "thanks" to everyone who posted and gave me so much needed advice. I'm looking forward to starting my new career!! Thanks again, NurseJosh