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  1. Essentials of Critical Care Orientation (ECCO)

    I have also just started the ecco modules. I concur. The material is too advanced to cram it all in in a few hours and pass a test with an 80% at the end. WAY too much clicking back and forth. The test questions were overly complicated and didn't see...
  2. New Grad in Neuro ICU

    I am also starting in our Neuro CCU in one month and I appreciate the input above. Thank You! ?
  3. Hello all! I have been a nurse for 12 years, an RN for 10. I've worked in ER, Med-Tele and Med-Surg collectively for the last 8 years. I'm starting a fellowship in our Neuro CCU in 6 weeks. What are some things I can do to prepare for this? Any texts...
  4. Hanging up the scrubs.

    I worked in the ER for a short time. I came out of there a strong RN with a great set of skills but yes, the problems got to me, too and I became kind of calloused and judgemental way too fast. it bothered me enough that I left the ER. I'm glad I did...
  5. Hello everyone! I am seriously considering applying for a Staff Development Coordinator position. Resume is done and, I came here to AllNurses to get some real world info on the job. Copying and Pasting to a Word document I now have PAGES of great in...
  6. Staff Development Salary

    I am currently applying for a staff development position and the last SDC made approx. $32/hr with 30 years experience. I currently make 29/hr in sub acute rehab as a floor nurse.
  7. Some questions about the Army Reserve Nursing Corps

    SFC Jimenez thank you for the informative posts! I am a 37 year old male with 6 years prior service 93-99. I got my ADN and am now a licensed RN. I sent an email to a recruiter yesterday about joining up in the Active Reserves but from what I have b...
  8. Starting in the ER next week

    Hi all! I recently graduated from my RN program and will be starting in a busy level II ER in 6 days. I am very excited and also very nervous. I have wanted to be an ER nurse ever since I decided to be a nurse 5 years ago. I have spent the last week ...
  9. I miss Europe!!! I lived in germany for about 5 years and I would love to nurse abroad. I speak some german, turkish and spanish and of course, american style english. So far, I have learned that the US will take foreign nurses fairly easily compared...
  10. I'm moving to the Dupont area

    Welcome to WA! DuPont is a great yet expensive place to live that sits between tacoma and the olympia/lacey/tumwater area. Check out St Francis. I did my OB rotation there. Nice Place. Good Sam, St Peters, Capitol Medical Center, St Clare's, Check ou...
  11. So I want to be in the OR

    I am a LPN but have been accepted into an RN program. I'm about 99% sure OR nursing is for me. So here's my question...WHAT??? A 29 hour shift??? Is that legal?
  12. Struggling in LTC

    Thanks for the advice. You are right. I'll just go by the book and take my time. I never thought of that-it's not my fault if the pt ratio is too high for me to get meds passed on time. Oh, I would like to add that i got 2 days of training. My first ...
  13. Struggling in LTC

    I just passed the NCLEX-PN last October and started in LTC/Sub Acute Rehab. I have 29 patients and there is NOT enough time to do everything by the book. I take shortcuts every day and I hate that I do that. I feel like I pass meds all day and I have...