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  1. Care Plan R/T infection exiting at knee.

    I looked on the internet. Search, "short term nursing goals AND knee pain." I paged down and found a site by 2 authors re: orthopedics and knee pain. Might be worth checking out those STGs listed in the paper.
  2. SO!!!

    I would just let it go and chalk this up to experience. Focus your efforts on obtaining the new position with a positive attitude and move on. You will be better for it. Good luck.
  3. New nurse OVERWHELMED

    I graduated from nursing school at 55 and now I am in my 60's. People think I have been a nurse for at least 35 - 40 years but I am still learning all the time! Yes, I make mistakes and encounter the Spanish Inquisition at report time from nasty RN...
  4. Application prior to graduation

    Check out online hospital sites in Arizona. Many offer new grad orientation programs in Phoenix, Tucson, etc. You may have to leave the Midwest, like I did several years ago, to get started. Hey--it's warm, too! Good luck.
  5. Crocs Rx models

    :bowingpur Thanks Lori. I spend long, long hours on the unit and will try the Crocs. I just gave away a new pair of Dansko's (worth $125.00). Pretty expensive lesson! :twocents::twocents:
  6. Crocs Rx models

    I would like to purchase crocs but do not know where you find all the different styles mentioned? Online or in stores? I have spent so much money on everything from Dansko to Merrill's - are crocs any better? Thanks. :typing