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  1. sodacrek

    How do you work with the "SUPERNURSE"!!!

    I would try to go with this nurse everytime i could. Follow her and ask her questions about the right way to do procedures. I would stay in her back pocket until the point where she would get tired of you, or she would know that you are very competent in what you do. I feel that many nurses do this also due to their inadequacies and their self esteem that they feel about themselves as nurses. Is she well liked in the area that she works or does she drive others away? Just show her the respect she wants, and then she will leave her "supernurse" at the door when she arrives to work with you
  2. When doing a conscious sedation on adult patients, what is the best medication that would reduce chance of depressed respiratory effort? There are many out there that causes the patient to be comprimised and then there are some that don't help the patient go completely under to not experience pain during a procedure. Is propofol good or would you use something that keeps the patient sedated deeper and longer? Any replies to this would be great as I have many questions on the conscious sedation practice here in my facility. John