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  1. curetheworld

    How long did you wait.....

    How long did you have to wait before landing 1st job after graduation? It's been 4 months for me ,:stone, no job, passed NCLEX in Jan.
  2. curetheworld


    Oh, that's sad! I saw Michael Moore's 'Sicko' recently. Despite the theatrical presentation, I appreciated his effort in making people aware of the flaws of health care system. There are some great parts in the movie. Who can explain why we don't have free healthcare? Is it one of the Basic Human Rights? right....
  3. curetheworld


    No, I don't know. Please elaborate :)
  4. curetheworld

    Share stupid bad advice

    I'll share something. This happened in my final semester of nursing school (preceptorship). Seems like pre-nursing school was so long ago, I can hardly remember. Here we go: I precepted in Medical ICU. My assigned preceptor was totally awesome. One day she had to float, so I worked with a temp. Him: "Do you know the difference b/w novice and expert nurse?" Me: "other than the obvious.... no I don't. please share" (I was expecting to hear some secret) Him: "expert nurses can HIDE their mistakes REALLY well. novice nurses don't have that SKILL yet." (emphasis intended) umm.... really? I was so glad he wasn't my preceptor.
  5. curetheworld


    Why is tet-toxin prescribed to someone with 'frost-bite' :typing searched online, no help. thanks!
  6. curetheworld

    RNs in Medspas (CA)

    Just wondering how much do nurses working in Medspas make? I'm in CA, for reference. TIA!
  7. curetheworld

    Nursing Shortage...

    Thank you. I'll check with UCSF. Apparently, Stanford doesn't hire new grads in Med/Surg/Trauma ICU, ED, CVICU and Intermediate ICU. Do most new grads start in Med/Surg?
  8. curetheworld

    Nursing Shortage...

    You're right, location may be the issue here (in CA). The market is saturated with experienced nurses from all over the country and new grads like me don't stand a chance... That makes me very sad.
  9. curetheworld

    Nursing Shortage...

    When I got into nursing school a couple of years ago, there were articles in the news almost everyday about nursing shortage.... how we desperately need more nurses and what not. After graduation and 2 months of searching and applying for jobs, I wonder..... Is there really a nursing shortage?? If so, where? Ready to work---->>>