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  1. i am one fortunate filipino nurse who was able to savour the good life being working in ireland.yes, 3 years is not bad as i somehow able to lift up my life's funny situation when i was there in the philippines. another culture.another people.yet, somehow, i believe that we, filipinos have that creativity and flexibility in tems of nursing care and the so called "discartes".i am one proud to be here, and i am always thinking of being one good example to people to aspire and follow their dreams by hardwork and self confidence... i want to start citing solutions to the problem: hard to get out of the country at this stage as retrogression is devastating not only america but philippines as well. many patients are waiting in america, but then due to social circumstances and ever- changing policies, i would say that this things going on is such a challenge for us all, no matter what happens. america would be hard to pursue at this stage. even european countries. canada is competitive as well. chances are, if you could get a job in the middle east,thats a goor idea. but let me site one by one here the ways to become successful... 1. experience- no matter what happens, experience is the best teacher so as in nursing. employers always would go for candidates who have an intensive skills and knowledge in areas of specialization. ICU is one good experience but MEDSURG is highly recommended. whereever you go, if you have a strong background in MS, you will be flexible and or even be hired in ICU since prerequisite to ICU is MEDSURG. if you are a newly graduate, then, dont put yourself in a hurry that you were left behind by any other nurses or the mentality that you are hopeless as the doors might be closing...remember, in the middle 90's, nursing opportunity is so fierce, so hopeless that many filipino nurse works as a sales lady in SM and any department store.some would apply in the cruise ships and flight attendant and some would shift their career to any other field.there happens next after the closing of the new millenium and the doors have opened again, and many nurses have applied UK and Ireland and many of the nurses who passed the CGFNS went to america then. it is a normal process of the ever changing society. and at this stage, you are encounterig a so - called " local nurses' anxiety syndrome" because of the pressure by the family and friends that you really have to go out of the country and earn bigger money. get an experience and see how you goes on. 2. if an opportunity going abroad opened, go for it- regardless if it is in the middle east or asia, for as long as you earn higher than that of the philippines. many of the philippine nurses who came recently in ireland came from the middle east.you see, hospital in the middle east are american based and they are mostly JCI accredited, thus, employer from ireland prefer nurses who came from these countries. 3. confidence - no matter waht happens to the situations, confidence and self respect is very important. bring the inner self and the trust in you, you will shine in all your performance and in job interviews.even in taking NCLEX exam, you will need this power. 4. be patient - wait for our turn,. in the long run, after all the hardship you are encountering, you will see the fruit of your labor. be consistent with your hospital experience. remember, the standard in successful job offering is skills and experience. 5. pray,pray,pray- the Supreme being will show you the way in finding your career path and sooner or later, you didnt realise, God is carrying you towards your journey. 6.never ever loose hope because the society will always needs us, the countries will again be opening their doors for us. take care and hoping that this serves as an inspiration for us all. God bless and More power.
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    Nursing in Ireland

    i say the person who says salary in ireland is lowwww. i object. having been a celtic tiger in the present years, ireland nurses are the worlds 2nd highest paid nurses next to Japan. rewarding because we only have 6 patient in a day, and basically, we are onto team nursing, patient are less lemanding and of course, not suing the nurse unlike the american patient. i dont see myself being sued by a freak patients afterall the efforts and care. it is a hostility of society, a disgraced behaviour be the people who overloved freedom.,it is the stupidity of patients...well, why i say this, its because patient should be happy that they are being cared for, in return they should be respectful to nurse, not suing them.it is a cultural situation,. irish are generous, kind and with sense of humur.i love them and no one ever have complaint me and it is not the culture in this irish society:D
  3. i am a nurse for almost 3 years now in ireland, i am in dublin right now, well, enjoyng the 3 day a week duty, then rest during the offs. or do agency at times. ireland is cosmopolitan.it is not only european but dominated by chinese, malay, indians and pakistani's. well, salary wise, it is real good. i got a 2 bed condo in makati city for 3 years, saved 20 thousand euro in the bank, continuously sending money to the philippines and would you believe, i dont have any credit cards nor loan in the bank. i think it is a matter of attitude and introspection towards the way we save penny in rainy days. i know some of the nurses is same as me, but some isnt good enough in saving money.i still keep going, sooner or later i will be going back to the philippines have a properties, business while i am earning money to my savings. i find future the most important aspect, not the past...keep going, im 27 now, single, and sooner i will be married and settled, at 35, i promised myself, i am living my life in the seaside mansion, at peace and most of all, not wiping anymore... i hope i shared with you guys this story of mine.