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    Thanks for all the advice everyone! I have only been with this hospital for about 10 months, so now I'm guessing I won't be eligible for FMLA - didn't know that until I asked you smart people! I'm in L/D and lifting just seems to be unavoidable. I don't want to hurt myself any worse, but I also don't want to be out of a job!
  2. Poopsie Gigglebuns


    I found out that I have several bulging discs and Dr. has given me lifting restrictions of less than 20 pounds until healed. I know that if I let work know about the restriction, they will not allow me to work until I am 100% cleared for duty. There is no light duty assignment available unless the injury was OTJ, so I'll be stuck at home. Can I be fired? I know that I have short term disability coverage through the hospital, but if I can be fired, then it will be useless and I could lose my medical benefits to boot. It would be almost worth risking herniation so that I don't lose everything. These are terrible times to be out of work, but I don't want to risk permanent damage either. Anyone know anything about this? I have to make some quick decisions about whether or not to let the bosses know about the lifting restrictions. All advice is greatly appreciated!!!
  3. Poopsie Gigglebuns

    VBAC Grandmultip and Pit??

    Is this normal? I'm getting conflicting info and I'm confused.
  4. Poopsie Gigglebuns

    Ugh! Delivered Baby On My Own The Other Day...

    If this happened to me (which I know it will) I would freak. Who cut the cord?
  5. Poopsie Gigglebuns

    First Year Nursing in Texas!

    Hi, Joy... As a UTHSC alum, all I can tell you is get ready for the ride of your life! I was just as worried/scared as you not so long ago and I survived. It's really an experience that no one can explain to you - you kind of just have to go through it to understand. The campus is great (although you will spend the majority of your time in the auditorium), parking is not so great (expensive and hard to find). You will be tired, you will be overwhelmed, you will be terrified at your first clinical. Some professors will be wonderful, others not so much (I'll let you decide those for yourself). The first 2 semesters will be the roughest - you will need to STUDY - I cannot stress the importance of grasping all of the beginning concepts. Find a few peeps at the beginning that motivate you - you'll be surprised how close you will become over the next 2 years and there's nothing better than a couple of friends to help you understand things when you just can't seem to grasp it! Also, ask for a "senior buddy" - they are great for support (don't expect them to be able to study with you, tho). Lastly, just enjoy yourself...your clinical experiences will be interesting (you'll have great stories) - don't be afraid to try things with your instructor's help. You're on your way...best of luck!
  6. Poopsie Gigglebuns

    New and Drowning

    Hi, Sunbird... Just saw your post and just had to send a quick reply. I am also a new grad (working in L/D X3 weeks!). I'm finding that my orientation is also a bit sink or swim and I feel for you...I can't even find my preceptor half the time! Try not to get discouraged - you are not alone! Ordinarily, I would consider myself a quick learner, but the information overload is a killer! Plus, everyone wants everything so fast (and I'm SO slow) that it's easy to make a mistake. I just suffer through the rolled eyes and heavy sighs of more experienced nurses (and docs) to make sure I understand everything - they don't seem to remember that it's just as frustrating for me not to know things as it is for them! we survived ns and this is just another challenging chapter - try to relish the good things and be proud of yourself for what you've already learned! :wink2:
  7. Poopsie Gigglebuns

    New OB Nurses, Grads and Students, Please Feel Free to post your questions here:

    congrats on your choice of l/d. i don't know much about florida, but in texas, there are a few hospitals that will let you do your internship in l/d right away, others will make you work in antepartum or postpartum for a year first. depends on the hospital.
  8. Poopsie Gigglebuns

    New OB Nurses, Grads and Students, Please Feel Free to post your questions here:

    Can someone give me some good references on the ins/outs of using pit? as a new nurse, i'm getting conflicting info. some say ctx should be 250 mvu and 1.5 min apart - others say different. some rns have increased dosage even after 1 or 2 lates. some increase even if we haven't been getting good info from toco/cardio b/c patient is too fat. also, some say turn pit off if patient has been on overnight and is not progressing(receptors saturated); others say you should turn it up when this happens. policy of hospital pretty much says do what MD prescribes. i don't know enough to step in and say not a good idea. all my drug book says is CI and AE, which is pretty much useless. So confused!!!
  9. Poopsie Gigglebuns

    Underwear problems

    You're nurses, so you can handle this...It is July in Texas. It's miserably hot. My scrubs are made of poly/cotton. My crotch and thighs get HOT and sweaty. It itches. I'm scared of getting recurrent yeast infections - some of the ladies on the floor are getting heat rashes on their thighs. Does anyone know of any wick away underwear brands?
  10. Poopsie Gigglebuns

    Anyone else feel like a world class idiot?

    Just started orientation a couple of weeks ago and I feel so stupid. I feel like I don't know how to do anything! To top it off, rumor has it that our hospital is going to be sold and here I am with a brand new internship and the possibility of being jobless soon. Please tell me this gets better:eek:
  11. Poopsie Gigglebuns

    Help! Issues with Nasal Prongs

    Wondering if anyone knew of any literature re: the longer nasal prongs versus cannula for preemies. I'm having terrible time with these prongs when baby is prone or side-lying. VERY uncomfortable for the baby, tubing disconnects, seems like skin breakdown is a much bigger issue than with cannulas. I'd like to bring it up at a meeting, but I'm having trouble finding an article that will support my concerns. Anyone know anything? Thanks in advance!
  12. Poopsie Gigglebuns

    Why wouldn't you chart this??

    We had a discussion at the hospital about a nurse that refused to hang meds b/c they were expired (expired that day). When asked how we would handle the situation - I said that I would double check with the pharmacist and if he/she gave me the ok, I would give meds and then document it in the chart. I was told that that should not be documented in the chart? confused...
  13. Poopsie Gigglebuns

    nursing school and marriage

    Our poor spouses! They should get to walk at graduation, too, just for putting up with us! The decision to go to school needs to be a mutual one...I have been so fortunate to have a husband that supports me 110%. I'm in the midst of finals right now and my husband has supplied me with sugar and starbucks, turned the tv down to a whisper, and cleaned up the entire house! we have struggled plenty, but now that it's almost over - we BOTH feel successful!
  14. Poopsie Gigglebuns

    Older New Grads: Exp. looking for job

    i'm not sure i would want to work for a place that skirts around basic employment law...like asking your age! if their ethics are that bad in recruiting...what else might there be?
  15. Poopsie Gigglebuns

    Accelerated Nursing Program???

    Yikes...is the first word I can think of. I can't imagine having to learn everything at an even faster rate. It's REALLY difficult to try to process everything and connect the dots as it is, not to mention tiring and stressful at times. if you can really dedicate yourself to studying pretty much non stop for 18 months though, i'm sure it's doable. do you work? do you have children? Personally, I'm glad I had the extra 6 months - I just don't think I could've learned it as well if it came at me any faster. Good luck with whatever you choose...and congrats...it's a good dilemma to have!
  16. Poopsie Gigglebuns

    Night Shift and Nausea?

    Thanks for all the wonderful replies...I thought I was crazy!