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  1. johnnybravo8802

    I think I'm in over my head :/

    I ran into similar things back in 96' when I was a new nurse-it seems nothing ever changes with this profession. I'll let you in on a little secret....preceptor's will set you up to take a fall!!!!!! Most preceptor's have no business being a preceptor-They don't know what they're doing and they love to see people fail....makes them feel all tingly inside and boosts their self esteem. If you're not careful, you'll find your license on the line. You have to remember that, you may be new and in a learning roll but, ultimately, you are an independent licensed medical professional and if something goes wrong, they're coming to you. Don't expect your preceptor to take the fall for a mistake you made....they should but they won't. Also, if a certain person wants to drill me on a patient and give me a hard time, I'll tell them to read the chart and I walk out-It's that simple!!!!! Report is a privilege that is giving from a nurse going off duty to a nurse coming on-duty and if a nurse abuses that, they don't deserve report. You do that a couple of times and they'll learn to not hassle you. HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. johnnybravo8802

    Getting back into the U.S. Job Market

    You know, this isn't the first time I've heard this from an RN. I heard that same story back in 02' from a coworker, which was before the economy went in the crapper. I was told, in 02', that "if you had a heartbeat, you had a job." Of course, that's no longer true now. However, the concensus seemed to be that you have to sell yourself as a NP because the jobs are fewer in between and it's much more difficult to get a job. Right now, I'd give anything to have a job as even an RN. I had a patient file a complaint on me back in 09'. I hired a lawyer for $20,000, he said it was a BS case, the charges would be dropped, and 3 yrs later, I get indicted. The result-I just spent the last 10.5 mos in jail and I have 2 yrs of probation-misdemeanor charge. I'm talking with the board about renewing my license but I think we all know what will happen there. The plea states I am not allowed to work as an RN for 2 yrs while on probation anyway. Think about what it will be like in 2 yrs when I try to apply again. I may never be able to get a job as an RN again-I've been in the medical field since 92'. Sorry to hijack your thread but it hit me about job searching and I just wanted to share. I wish you all the luck in the world. SELL YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!
  3. When I was in nursing school, I had an OLD MD tell me to "be careful" because women will use you up when you're a man in the hospital-That happened to him in medical school back in the 30's/40's. You know what, he was exactly right-My entire career has been riddled with female nurses getting me to do their work-Even lifting a heavy patient when they weren't even in the room. I kept doing it because I'm way too nice and I wanted to be accepted and it got me absolutely nowhere. I can remember using pure brute strength to move a patient because I was 22 and didn't know better and had no help. Guess where it got me-Years of lifting, playing sports, and being physical outside got be a pinched nerve and sciatica and now I don't do those kinds of things anymore. If I start to see several nurses starting up, "let's get the male nurse to do all the lifting," routine I'll tell them real quick that I have a back problem and refuse to do it. I'll help anybody on the floor but I WILL NOT do someone else's work for them. The female nurses will use you up all day long with the "I'm a female and you're stronger than me" routine but don't fall for it-If you can't do the job, find a different profession is my opinion. Also, with experience comes wisdom-You have to think of a patient's safety first and you can't be snatching a patient around simply because of their condition.
  4. johnnybravo8802

    A real nurse

    Yea, I'm thinking about doing some volunteer work myself "Focker." :lol2: I'm just messing with you...I couldn't resist. Here in Ga., an educator has to work as a "real nurse" to stay current on their skills...that's a requirement. Hey, I'm a flight nurse....does that qualify?
  5. johnnybravo8802

    "Medic" to replace the term "nurse"

    Are you smoking something? You do realize the first nurses were men, don't you? I hear what you're saying but you obviously don't understand the difference between a medic and a nurse. They are two completely different professions. Most of all, I spent 6 years in college for my nursing and a medic goes to school for 1 year. So, no, I don't want to be called a "medic" because I earned the title of "nurse." My suggestion.....Just hike up your skirt and get to work!!!!!!!
  6. johnnybravo8802

    Does anyone enjoy nursing?

    Yea, I read the comments on this site quite a bit and wonder the same thing. It's funny how everyone is so negative until you ask the question directly and, suddenly, everyone loves their job!!! I used to work with nurses who were excellent nurses and swore up and down they loved their job but would bit#@ the entire 12 hours and were the most hateful people in the world. Yea, that makes a lot of sense!!!!!!! I'm rolling my eyes...... It's funny, the things that I love, I don't bit#@ the entire time I'm doing them...
  7. johnnybravo8802

    What's the scariest thing you've ever seen as a nurse?

    Other nurses!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. johnnybravo8802

    How do the male nurses feel about perineal care?

    I started out as a nurse tech so, yea, I've washed a lot of tail. Like another said, I'd wash everything but the perineal area and give them a choice of washing that area or I would. Out of 18 yrs., I've never had a male refuse-I don't know why they would. In fact, most prefer a male because of modesty-they don't want to get an erection. If you're a female student, I suggest you get over the fear of an erection because that's your job and things happen-You're dealing with humans and emotions. I've had a few modest little ole ladies refuse and that was ok and sometimes young women get embarrassed and that's ok too-If the husband is in the room, I try to encourage them to do that part. The big picture is the nsg. shortage-Most pts don't have a choice-Either I do or they'll have to wait a long time for a female and it may not get done. Again, I agree about it being a pt. versus a male/female but you have to use your judgement when the time arises.
  9. johnnybravo8802

    Advice to nursing students from a hiring manager

    While I may have worded it differently, there is a lot of truth in this. I've seen quite a few LPN's over the years never get past LPN status, do the same work as an RN and never get the pay. Why wipe butts for $15/hr. when you can get payed to do it for $30?!!!!!! It seems that a lot of people get caught up in the here and now about making money and lose sight of the big picture...."I can't afford to go back to school" or "I don't have time." They get caught up in the rat race and never get any further. Personally, I think there will be a day soon where LPN's don't exist anymore-the same trend with a lot of professions. I used to work with an excellent LPN but she had been one for 30+ yrs and, for some reason, never got any further. I was always in charge of her and it always botherd her. I've seen that situation more than once.
  10. johnnybravo8802

    Advice to nursing students from a hiring manager

    While you give good advice, it doesn't necessarily hold true for all situations. First of all, the peaks and troughs of the nursing profession have been around since the beginning of time. It was the exact same situation when I graduated in 95' and will always be that way, although there weren't as many people back then. Getting experience is a great idea but becoming an LPN isn't necessarily the way to go, at least here in Ga. Being an LPN first may have been the thing 20 yrs ago but a lot of hospitals won't even hire LPN's around here-They won't even look at you with less than a BSN at a lot of hospitals in Ga. Therefore, getting an LPN license may be a complete waste of time.....Just my experience over the last 18 yrs. I actually got a job as a nurse tech while in nursing school and that shot me way ahead of the other 60 students.
  11. johnnybravo8802

    Patient Confessions

    I don't understand how you guys call yourselves nurses or soon-to-be nurses with this "lack of caring" attitude. In school, they preached to us "caring" and that means, for everyone. I treat all of my patients the same, no matter what their past was or diagnosis. The next thing we'll hear is "I didn't want to care for him because he had AIDS." You don't get to decide who you care for and who you don't. If you don't want to care for everyone the same, you have no business in this profession This man didn't actually molest his daughter, he stopped himself because he knew it was wrong. He's lived with this for 30+ years and he still blames himself-he obviously cares or he wouldn't still be living with this. I'm not saying that molesting a child is ok but don't ever judge someone because you don't know what they are going through. One day, you may find yourself doing something that you would have never thought you'd do!!!!!! Think about it.........
  12. johnnybravo8802

    Crossed the line... or expected behavior?

    Respect works both ways-If these physicians(I'll get that right just for you) want respect, they need to earn it. The mature thing would have been for the "physician" to politely tell the student during the procedure that he/she would prefer to have it quiet during the workings of the procedure(He could have done this in a nice manner w/o placing the student in the spotlight). Instead, he wanted to act like a 3 yr. old and go tattle to the instructor over something simple. I used to know a physician who always had incident reports in his pocket just so he could whip one out when he caught a nurse doing something wrong. Gosh, I wonder what this is doing for our profession? As far as you, you're not doing anything for the profession of nursing advocating these physicians and their manner and when you have 10 pts. instead of 4(Because you helped run off another student), maybe you can think about that. Nurses like you are the reason the profession isn't respected and is still stuck in the Stone Age !!!!:yeah:
  13. johnnybravo8802

    Crossed the line... or expected behavior?

    Man, you guys need to go back to nursing school and take nursing 101 again. Pt. advocacy is the first thing they teach you. I think maybe you need to have an 8" needle coming at you with a couple of zombie's doing the procedure and see if your anxiety hits the roof. It's the nurses role to keep the pt. informed of all procedures and explain as it's taking place-What you you think they're paying you for?!!!!!! It's your PATIENT!!!!!!!!!! This joker radiologist is just doing a procedure and it's just another procedure on his list. Now, if an MD wants to be quiet, that's another thing. I usually explain things before they happen and then keep quiet when the actual insertion is taking place. Otherwise, screw what the MD is complaining about-Most are just a bunch of 3 yr. old whiners anyway:yawn:. Also, your instructor isn't much of an instructor for not backing you up and you can quote me on that one-Been there and done that and there's a nice shiny app. at Burger King waiting on them!!!!!
  14. johnnybravo8802

    What a blow to my ego

    Oh yea, been there and done that many times and it still continues after 18 yrs in the field. As a new nurse, your too afraid to say anything but with time, you stop putting up with that sh@! I actually walked out on a nurse one day pulling that crap on me. I told her that when she was ready to take report w/o being an ass, let me know. You have to remember, you have the info. they need and w/o it, they can't take care of the pt. properly. If I have a nurse with a million questions and just drilling me about every detail, I tell them to "read the chart"...that's what it's for. Hope that helps!!!!
  15. johnnybravo8802


    Man, I went to the wrong school!!!!!!!! Actually, the female who was my partner- we ended up getting engaged to each other eventually........we decided to do some extra credit!!!!!:yeah: That's actually a true story.
  16. johnnybravo8802

    Discouraged by Nurses who hate their job

    I actually got out of nursing because I didn't really enjoy the job r/t the politics. If you could just nurse, it wouldn't be a terrible job. The biggest problem I've seen is being run into the ground and taking a chance to make mistakes and lose your license. I will say that, out of my 16 yr. career, a large percentage of nurses I worked with hated their job. I would try and tell myself that I enjoyed the job and then I'd hang around my bitc@#ing co-workers, get discouraged, and want to quit......it really was discouraging. Even the one's who claimed to enjoy the job did a lot of complaining also and talking about quitting. If I had a nickel for every time I heard a nurse talk about quitting..........