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  1. mirn

    Nursing is pathetic...

    It has been a couple of years since my last post to this thread. I read my previous posts, and many of the others. Now that I have been working as a Registered Nurse for 5 years, I would like to answer the original question again. "Would you recommen...
  2. Just wondering how many consecutive hours PACU nurses (scheduled, on-call, or combination) are required to work in a 24 hour period before the hospital must allow you sleep time. Also, if this happens, how is calling in another nurse handled? Are th...
  3. mirn

    UNSAFE healthcare

    Hi...signed the petition...hope others do the same. All we have is each other, let's stick together!
  4. mirn

    Med. Mistakes.....and Pres. Clintons Plan

    Hi... I too have read some articles regarding President Clinton's plan to report medical mistakes. I have some concerns about this. First of all, thanks to the major cuts this administration has made in Medicaid/Medicare funding, hospitals are operat...
  5. mirn

    8 hour shift vs. 12 hour shift - your opinion...

    Hello...I am currently working 12 hour shifts 7pm to 0730 am. Although I love the time off, I personally feel that 12 hour shifts are unsafe... especially on nights. I think toward the end of the day, it is easy to be careless because of fatigue. A...
  6. mirn

    medication rights

    My opinion is that the five "rights" of medication administration (if that is what you are referring to) would definitely apply to discharge instructions. Our facility has a policy that requires these instructions to be written longhand, ie: Lasix 40...
  7. mirn

    BSN vs. Associates

    Well, since you asked... I personally feel that working experience is the best way to learn. My experience is that the BSN programs in this area offer less clinical time in their nursing programs. However, I learned more in my first year on the job t...
  8. mirn

    mandatory overtime

    Hi all! Thank you for your input. I should have been clearer...OUR hospital wants the right to force us to work past our 12-hour shift per day...so at 0700 while you are reporting off, the staffing office can call and tell the low senior person to w...
  9. mirn

    mandatory overtime

    Hi! Wondering if anyone can let me know what your institutions'policies are regarding mandatory overtime. Also, any info on short staffing would be appreciated. We are renegotiating our RN contract and could really use any input anyone may have. Than...
  10. mirn

    home health care mileage reimbursement

    Hi, Worked for a home Hospice agency in Michigan until Feb. 1999. Was reimbursed 0.30 per mile and it was taxed. I was able to claim that at the end of the year. Also, my vehicle was a lease, so I was able to claim that too...luckily a friend pointed...
  11. mirn

    ABC 20/20 nursing story on Nov 26th

    Hi Ratchit, Ya know, I agree with everything you said. (even tho i made the original posting giving the kudos to 20/20!) I also would have liked to see a blurb about the shifts that nurses work...mostly 12 hours...most with overtime... It could have ...
  12. mirn

    ABC 20/20 nursing story on Nov 26th

    Hi...Way to go, CNG, Sylvia Johnson, and 20/20 staff. As a registered nurse, I have long thought that the public should be outraged at today's healthcare delivery...now they are. Oh, they may not say much now, but you can bet on their next admission ...
  13. mirn

    Feeling very sad today

    Maggie, I hope there is an angel like you at the bedside of my loved ones when the need arises. Keep the faith!
  14. mirn

    Nursing is pathetic...

    Dear MollyJ, Beautifully put. You took the words right outta my mouth...(and arranged them much better than I've been able to!) Mirn
  15. mirn

    Nursing is pathetic...

    Yes, we are all entitled to opinions...me too. I feel differently than you about some issues. Others mentioned, I wholeheartedly agree with you. What, then, is the perfect career? I could go to work in a local auto plant and in exchange for 100,000 ...