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BeenThereDoneThat74 has 27 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Pediatrics.


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  1. BeenThereDoneThat74

    NYP Hiring Process

    You have to apply through the careers website. They are very tight/strict about their process. If there is nothing on their site for residencies, it might mean there are none upcoming. I'd just apply for any staff nurse positions (that do not require...
  2. BeenThereDoneThat74

    NYP Hiring Process

    Cornell is not in the union; Columbia is. As for travelers, it has been my understanding that union status has no bearing on a traveler (since you are not an employee of the hospital, but of the agency).
  3. BeenThereDoneThat74

    NYP Hiring Process

    I am in the process of interviewing for a position here as well. I have applied before, and I do recall the process being very 'glitchy' (as it was this time as well), before getting to the interview stage. With any large healths systems, we need to ...
  4. BeenThereDoneThat74

    Staff Development Woes

    I am new to staff education, and I can't tell you how many times I've heard this already. "they need to be educated on....". They have BEEN educated ad nauseum on it. They need consequences enforced for failure to comply.
  5. BeenThereDoneThat74

    The Enemy... The Nurse Manager

    Day nurses have the same issue. The bottom line is, there is no good time for a staff meeting. Day nurses are running out the door, night nurses can't keep their eyes open in the morning (and are also running out the door). Meeting need to be held mo...
  6. BeenThereDoneThat74

    The Enemy... The Nurse Manager

    As you said, it may not be possible in a large hospital. It also may not be possible in some smaller facilities either. It really depends on the culture of the unit. I could see many places where the staffing you mentioned wouldn't work. I am not a m...
  7. BeenThereDoneThat74

    Patients throwing things?

    A behavior plan? Some sort of contract that rewards positive behavior and takes privileges away when she does throw things? If she is cognizant enough to know what she is doing is wrong, this should work (but I'm no psych nurse :) )
  8. BeenThereDoneThat74

    What do you like/dislike about working pediatrics?

    The best part for me, is when they act like kids (mischievous). Since I'm not in direct care, I can chuckle at it more than my staff does (since a fighting, tube-pulling child who acts sassy means more work for them. Important to note, my patient pop...
  9. BeenThereDoneThat74

    Unhealthy habits/Facebook posts from friends/family that make you :( ?

    My thoughts exactly! About CPS and the approach to the mother. If it truly comes from a place of caring and concern, think long and hard about how you want to approach it. Or else, it will come across as 'shaming' (which, BTW, I can't stand that ter...
  10. BeenThereDoneThat74

    Wisdom for a future educator?

    I second the first part: depending on the market in your area, a doctorate is not always necessary. You could teach in a 2 year or LPN program, or perhaps land a 'clinical only' full time position. I recently got out of academia for the reasons you...
  11. BeenThereDoneThat74

    Dressy, Comfortable Work Shoes

    I don't think I knew that Crocs had non-clogs. I will look into those and the Allegria brand. Thanks!
  12. BeenThereDoneThat74

    Dressy, Comfortable Work Shoes

    I've been looking through the numerous threads about shoes (as I have done in the past on AN over the years), so I KNOW there are many of them. I also know that everyone has a different preference (I, for one, cannot wear Nike's- I have flat feet, an...
  13. BeenThereDoneThat74

    Having a hard time with the people in my nursing school...

    I taught for 11 years. That's 22 different groups of students. I've seen quite the variety of cohorts: mature, driven, responsible, as well as immature, catty and lazy. In every group there were outliers. When I was a student, I was the youngest (st...
  14. BeenThereDoneThat74

    Clinical Paperwork

    When you say they are on the computers way too much, do you mean in the chart, or writing out the assignment? Either way, both can be addressed by limiting their time on the computer. If it's the chart they are staring at aimlessly, limit the time, a...
  15. BeenThereDoneThat74

    Confessions of a Clinical Instructor (Part II)

    I could have written this myself (except my students did not forget things in their dorm, as I taught at a commuter school). Well done. Especially the part about the other faculty members. I was a full time instructor, so I did know most of my collea...