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  1. hermance67

    patient complaint

    i have been doing home health for 2 years now. i do weekend premium and do alot of admissions. i went to do an admission and recieved call from nurse manager. the admission patient filed formal complaint because i smelled like cigarrette smoke (i am a non smoker) and my cuffs on my jacket were dirty. but i was very professional and nice. i probably got the smell from a previous house has anything similiar happened to you or anybody else and how did you handle it.
  2. hermance67

    wound vac questions

    i inexperienced in wound vac application. i applied wound vac. i did get a seal machine was at 125 with no leaks but it still sounded loud. i am wondering if i cut the hole for the pad too small. any thoughts. ty
  3. hermance67

    mon general?

    i moved to north central wv from upstate ny. i am living in fairmont and finally have a job interview with a hospital currently working in a nursing home. how is mon general to work (the only one that has contacted me yet). thanks for input.:chuckle
  4. hermance67

    Airborne or Droplet?

    i work on an infectious disease floor in upstate ny that has reserved 5 beds for the flu. we are using droplet/contact precautions.
  5. hermance67


    the starting pay in albany medical center is 20.50. in columbia memorial hospital in hudson ny is 21.50. that is all i know
  6. hermance67

    tracking nursing movements

    i just think when do you say enough is enough. such as staffing for example "they are doing fine 4 nurses and 1 pca and this becomes the norm. if you keep accepting the changes there will be continually pushing the limits. i also work on a floor that has no hoyer or any type of equipment to faciliate patient transfer safely. this is where money should go not how many times i went into such and such room.
  7. hermance67

    tracking nursing movements

    i just felt it was an invasion. i would feel that i would be more concerned with tracking than patient monitoring. even though i do walking round quite frequently at least Q30 minutes. on the union vs non union. i think a unionized hospital would have more say on the treatment of an employee.
  8. hermance67

    tracking nursing movements

    is it legal for management to track nursing movement in and out of patients room. I have heard through the grapevine that this is going to start at the hospital i am working at (a non union hospital). i would like also to see people's feedback on this issue if it would effect quality of care and also the legality. union vs non union. thanks
  9. hermance67

    staph infection question

    i have a staph infection on my face. my face is very red. i am due to work tonight should i go in or call out. i am torn. i am on my second antibiotic. the keflex didnt work well. any help would be appreciated. thanks
  10. hermance67

    Hi all! Just became a NY RN!

    the parking once you get the hang of it isnt that difficult. i work nights so i get to park in the main garage. days usually park behind the pharmacology school in what the call the notre dame lot. its a big hospital your unit usually becomes your world so to speak. i am eventually going to transfer to post partum or 23 hour surgical stay. i currently work on infectious diseases/aids treatmetn floor. plus our sister floor is the prison floor. i am still getting used to the all units.

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