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  1. Genital exams at school physicals and well-child check-ups?

    Why such hatred towards me all I was doing was asking for was simple advice but if I can't find that here I guess I will have to look elsewhere to further my training and look for friendship and fellowship where I won't be constantly judged. I though...
  2. Genital exams at school physicals and well-child check-ups?

    I am having trouble with my young patients both boys and girls open up to me about such sensitive subjects especially about there genital health if any fellow np have any tips or suggestions to get my patients to open up and feel comfortable talking ...
  3. Genital exams at school physicals and well-child check-ups?

    as part of the yearly well child checkup begining when the patient is 12 or 13 I try and set aside some time with just the patient without the parent in the room so If there is anything the patient wants to discuss without there parent there they can...
  4. Genital exams at school physicals and well-child check-ups?

    Sorry I am asking so many questions I am just comparing what we do at our pediatric practice to other pediatric offices with well child checkups. What i try and do is keep the patient as comfortable as possible during the checkup and just remove clot...
  5. Genital exams at school physicals and well-child check-ups?

    Do you have your patients undress for their yearly checkup or do you keep them dressed and just do the checkup over there clothes and just move clothes as needed?
  6. Genital exams at school physicals and well-child check-ups?

    Even though not necessarily part of a genital exam in older adolescent girls as they develope as part of the yearly checkup do you perform a breast exam on the female patient or just ask her about her development?
  7. Genital exams at school physicals and well-child check-ups?

    For older adolescent girls once they do reach puberty and get there periods do you do a little more compressive exam other than looking at there Tanner stage and just pulling out the waistban of the patients underwear? Do you try and counsel them and...
  8. Patient gown question

    Please dont get me wrong i am very sympathetic towards any of my patients that i see being either male or female. I just find it hard being a male nurse working with children and giving them instructions ( i misworded my saying earlier when i said i ...
  9. Patient gown question

    I am sorry if my topics are not interesting to comment on by fellow nurses i was hoping to connect with fellow nurses and start a conversation about these topics and see how othee nurses deal with difficult patients and the cloth vs paper gown issue ...
  10. Patient gown question

    Thank you for your response it was appriciated i would also like to hear from other nurses experience with cloth vs paper gowns and how they handle that situation. I am also dealing with difficult patients especially with adolescent girls not wanting...
  11. Patient gown question

    I work in a pediatric office and want to find out from other nurses who work in pediatric offices if you have your patients change into a gown when they come into the office for their yearly checkup or they stay clothed for their checkup? If you do h...
  12. Bedadine for vaginal birth

    Just a question does your hospital use mainly bedadine for vaginal prep in a patient who is getting ready to deliver vaginally or do you use soap and water to prep the patient. The hospital i work at uses mainly bedadine for the patient prep who is g...
  13. Question about pediatric physicals

    I know its possible for them to get lumps but i didnt know if it was appropriate for a pediatrician to check there breasts during a routine physical.
  14. Question about pediatric physicals

    I don't find it odd that the patients have to undress i know that is a nescescity so the dr's could do a physical what i do find strange is asking an adolescent female to undress and to also take her bra off so the dr could do a breast exam as part o...
  15. Question about pediatric physicals

    I am a new RN working in a pediatricians office and i have noticed that the pediatricians here require all of our patients to discloth for all checkups and physicals and we give them gowns to put on to cover up. For our adolescent patients our Dr's a...