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  1. rn438

    Any 2012 Midwestern CRNA applicants?

    congrats jhodaki! I dont have that so I am guessing I didnt get in. I knew it, anyways. pretty bummed.
  2. rn438

    Any 2012 Midwestern CRNA applicants?

    I interviewed last Tuesday , I was told they would decide on Monday ( today) but I have now heard different things from others . Maybe I misheard .
  3. rn438

    Any 2012 Midwestern CRNA applicants?

    So three weeks after this Friday? The admissions counselor told me something but I must have misheard
  4. rn438

    Any 2012 Midwestern CRNA applicants?

    anyone heard anything yet ?or know when we might?
  5. rn438

    Any 2012 Midwestern CRNA applicants?

    i found out i also have an interview! Nope i know nothing about it !
  6. rn438

    Any 2012 Midwestern CRNA applicants?

    good luck to you too.. let me know if you hear anything?
  7. anyone apply for midwestern in arizona, crna program to start next fall? Lets talk! So nervous !
  8. nurses dont really increase their earning potential over their span of career as compared to other occupations. Im sure this varies by region of course and what hospital you work at. Many nurses I work with find that they are taking a pay cut when they become nurse practitioners , as compared to what they had earned as a staff RN. Its so ridiculous.
  9. rn438

    True life as a nurse

    I have tons of free time . Only work three days a week ! Thank god. I work in ICU. The most difficult thing is dealing with confused and aggressive patients that want to attack you when they are out of their mind. And their families, who are experiencing the most stressful time in their life most likely, and view you as someone to distrust, or attribute things to you that are out of your control , or are extremely emotional and make it more difficult to do your job, IE demanding to talk to you and demand answers when in fact their family member is about to code and they just don't realize it . It is challenging , sometimes I am physically and emotionally drained , but overall not overwhelmingly so. I occasionally take patients home with me , some still bring tears to my eyes. Also, bring home self doubt- should I have done that or noticed something earlier?? That is the most difficult for me .
  10. the last two hospitals I worked at you did not get one cent for having a bsn. WHY?? Because hospitals are cheap and view nurses as an area of cost, always wanting to eliminate cost . They don't care about our education, professional development, or anything. Why do you think we work 36 hour /week? Because it is "better for the patients and continuity of care??" Uh, no , because they save money by doing it that way. Maybe one day that will realize education has an effect on patient outcomes and NSDI's - and that they might save money in the long run by supporting education of nursing.
  11. rn438

    Noting orders VERY late...legally, what happens?

    we used to have a sign the doctors would turn over that was red that said "new orders" , it hung outside the patients room . Also- If someone took the chart they had to leave a not - chart is with " ____" . It really is not OK to have the chart gone for 8 hours - its a safety issue!
  12. I graduated recently, and was taught STERILE technique. I have seen people who have been Nurses or RTs for a long time use clean technique. I would just do what you were taught.
  13. rn438

    caring for prisoners

    I hope this does not make me a bad nurse, but does anyone else have some weird feelings about caring for prisoners: mostly the rapists, and child molesters and murderers? I am not saying that they should not be taken care of or anything like that and I acknowledge their right to health care .. its just providing all the extras.... being nice to them .. "can i have more ice/ pillow fluffed/ do you think you can get me a snack ?" Some seem to be very manipulative, I am uncomfortable with them asking personal information about me ... What are you're thoughts, and how can I prevent this from compromising my care, and driving me insane?
  14. rn438

    Cough Syrup via PEG Tube

    cough syrup doesnt work by coating the throat. it works by absorbing it systemically, so NG or PEG or swallowing it doesnt make a difference. You should know the mechanism of action for every drug you are giving, look it up in a good drug book. You can still expectorate with an NG or peg in place also. Doesnt matter . Cough syrup is very thick and clogs up tubes! Definitely give water afterward.
  15. rn438

    Noting orders VERY late...legally, what happens?

    How about some communication ? The doctor should let you know he left orders, especially if they are ASAP or stat orders . If it didnt cause any harm to the patient , dont worry about it but I would definitely discuss with your manager how to avoid this in the future

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