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  1. Are you a new informatics nurse?

    Hi! Just an informatics newbie saying hello. I'm in my third semester at UIC for Masters in Health Informatics. Currently I'm an ICU bedside RN, with 15 years experience. Eventually I'll transition into an informatics position. For those of you RN's ...
  2. Handling rude co workers

    I had a same issue with a nurse. Just rude to me for no reason at all, at the nurses desk in front of everyone. I'm not good with confrontations and I had no idea what to do. I did have to report her to my manager when she treated me unprofessionally...
  3. Illinois License

    I moved to Illinois a few years ago and had no trouble getting mine. The application and all the paperwork you had to submit with it was a hassle. I want to say I received my license in the mail a few weeks after all my stuff was submitted. I've hear...
  4. MSN vs Masters in Health Informatics

    Please correct me if I'm wrong. But Nursing Informatics is working with nurses and doctors at the bedside and with hospitals. Health Informatics is more on the business side of things. You can work with the nurses and the doctors but you also have th...
  5. What is your opinion....

    To each their own I say. Doesn't matter to me what others do. But, in my opinion, the more bedside nursing under your belt, the better you'll be at your advanced careers and the better you'll treat the nursing staff who cross your path. I've seen thi...
  6. Stress Relief after a BAD shift?

    I can do this. My work stays at work. But on rare occasion, Im keeping something in my mind, nice loud music on the way home & when I get there, my dog. She's always so happy!! :-)
  7. We usually get cookies, cakes, etc. This year our main Dr. got us a party tray from a local sandwich shop. And he happens to say 'thank you' often, which isnice to hear!
  8. If you don't know...please ask!

    I agree 100%!! No one knows everything, and we can't remember everything, ask ask ask!!!!!!!
  9. Want to keep my pride. . . Please Advise

    I agree with the others who said just ask him. Think about it, the worst he can say is no, and if you don't ask, you probably won't get it. Go for it!!! :-)
  10. Ominous physical symptoms

    I agree!! It's always nice when Mr. Screamer stops, but then you have to ask yourself, WHY did Mr Screamer stop? Rarely does he/she just falls asleep!!!
  11. Do give up your seat for a doctor?

    It depends. If I'm charting or busy with the computer, paperwork, etc, then no I won't. If I'm just sitting around talking then yes I will.
  12. Should I tattle?

    We've all had our busy nights. Maybe she was "dumping" on you and maybe she wasn't. If you think she needs to be written up, do so, but only from YOUR point of view, observations, and facts. You can't "tattle" (hmm I agree with other posters, aren't ...
  13. Computerized charting

    At my hospital we are all computerized. I love it, now (didn't at first). Dr's orders are all computerized too!! And now, we can read every one of them without turning the page upside down and backwards!! :) And in response to the power outage/downti...
  14. I think I just ended someone's career

    What's sad is the other employees throwing stuff at her. And don't feel bad, you did the right thing. Would you want this impaired nurse taking care of you or your family? Hopefully she'll get the help she needs.
  15. what is nursing school like?

    Many years ago, I went to a night/weekend school and held a full time m-f 8-5 job. Its doable if you're dedicated!!