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  1. CNA Salary?

    I'm in NY and started at $15, I'm at almost $16 now. Evening's are 10% diff and overnights are 15% diff.
  2. Falls & drops in LTC

    I've been a CNA for about 1.5 years and I've never dropped anyone. I only know of 2 incidents in that time where others have dropped a resident. I've had 3 residents of mine fall on their own. One was trying to transfer herself, one slipped in the ba...
  3. PCT/Nurse Tech: How many patients do you have?

    Day shift we have 8 or 9, 11 if there's a call out. Evening 11. Overnights either 15 or 22 depending on the number of nurses.
  4. hobbies to keep dementia pts happy?

    pm sent :)
  5. hobbies to keep dementia pts happy?

    I don't know if I can post a link to this here but in my facility we do a lounge program for dementia pts. It's a great program and can be found easily with a little googling.
  6. Wages around the country?

    We don't have any incentives but I make $15.46/hr on day shift. Evenings are 10% more and overnights are 15% more. Weekends are the same
  7. Something Positive about your job!

    I had one patient that started to decline very rapidly. She was very combative but never for me for some reason. Toward the end she had a very hard time talking more than a couple of words at a time. I was finishing AM care with her one day and waiti...
  8. Working 3-11 Shift For the First Time :)

    The times are a bit different for us, dinner's at 4:30. Between 3 and 4:30 there's usually some activity going on. So we toilet people and get people up that take afternoon naps. Then dinner. In our facility they show a movie after dinner and we sta...
  9. CNA questions, pay...

    We get $15 for day with 10% diff on evenings and 15% on nights.
  10. how many patients do you have

    In our facility day shift has 8 or 9, evening 10 or 11 and overnight has 15-20. Overnights get 2 people each up. So mornings are a mad dash LOL.
  11. Talking to Residents

    It's much easier to talk to real residents then the manaquin! You can ask about their day, their lunch, their hair... It gets sooo much easier. Don't worry about what your classmates are saying either!