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  1. peppercat21

    CNA Salary?

    I'm in NY and started at $15, I'm at almost $16 now. Evening's are 10% diff and overnights are 15% diff.
  2. peppercat21

    Falls & drops in LTC

    I've been a CNA for about 1.5 years and I've never dropped anyone. I only know of 2 incidents in that time where others have dropped a resident. I've had 3 residents of mine fall on their own. One was trying to transfer herself, one slipped in the ba...
  3. peppercat21

    PCT/Nurse Tech: How many patients do you have?

    Day shift we have 8 or 9, 11 if there's a call out. Evening 11. Overnights either 15 or 22 depending on the number of nurses.
  4. peppercat21

    Wages around the country?

    We don't have any incentives but I make $15.46/hr on day shift. Evenings are 10% more and overnights are 15% more. Weekends are the same