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  1. kariaini

    Starting a Dialysis Clinic

    Hi Mike could you email me your contact @jessicakim8299@yahoo.com. I would like to talk to you about starting a dialysis clinic . thanks
  2. kariaini

    Dialysis machine

    Thanks Guys for the reply and your thoughts.The main problem i have also been encountering is the water purification and training of the stuff. I think the water purity is a big in this countries.
  3. kariaini

    Dialysis machine

    Hi Dialysis Nurse. I'm a dialysis nurse for about 3 years now; I work mostly in Acute and PRN in chronic. I have traveled around Africa and have seen the need for dialysis centers. I visited three countries last month in all three countries they had a total of 20 dialysis center with each from 5-7 machines, of which 3 are working on daily basis. I have been searching for donation of dialysis machine but of no luck. Does any one works in a place that is about to change their machine. Does anyone know of the best way to help? I'm looking on relocating to Africa and help with this needed service. I have talked to a couple of nephrologists in 2 countries and they have told me the need for dialysis tx is going up rapidly. Any information will be appreciated
  4. kariaini

    struggling with learning the dialysis job

    HI don't feel bad we all went through that. I'm currently working in acute where we use Rn only and people are very helpful. I started with 4 weeks at the hospital chronic clinic and i hated it because some techs were mean and will lough or mock when i made simple errors. I was very anxious when I started and i was always scared about air getting to the patient. I had days with air in the machine but never went past air detector. Key thing to remember if you are anxious and you are confused press the off key breath in and out and think what you want to do but don't wait for to long before the blood start clotting. I would advice you to try acute dialysis where you have two patient at a time and one if in ICU. The patient at chronic clinic are very inpatient and they can make you nervous, remember this patient knows the machine more than we know. This is one thing I have learn t in nursing, first know what are of nursing you want to work, don't listen to other people what they like because we are different and our wishes are different. I have friend who are like that is what you do. I love dialysis and i will be there for a while. I go to ICU 4 hours a day to dialysis the patient and it is hectic like anywhere else. I had a nurses who was busted by doctor because she did not know what some labs meant. Whatever area of nursing you want to work you will overcome the obstacles because you know deep in your heart that is the kind of nursing you want to practice and you will fight and work hard to get through. I bought a lot of books and read them like waiting to sit for nclex.
  5. kariaini

    positive attitude

    :nurse:Hi Dialysis Nurses it's time we start appreciating what we do for our patient. I have been reading the threads and all i hear is the negative comments about dialysis. We one of the most important people in the nursing field and we will continue to play an important role in peoples survival rate. I'm new to dialysis but I love what I do. I don't understand how nurses continue working in the field they don't love. I have been looking at other threads and other specialty and all i see is people encouraging each other and educating each other but dialysis thread is about complaining. Guys complaining without action doesn't help. Lets as unite and change the attitude and pat ourself in the back for what we do.:nurse::nurse::nurse::yeah::yeah:
  6. kariaini

    I Hate Dialysis

    Hi I just started a dialysis job in an inpatient unit, I'm in my third day orientation on the floor, so far so good. I will have a ratio of 2:1 and also will be circulating in other units to dialyzes the Pt. My friend I have done LTC for years, ER and a bit of home health. LTC can he hectic, you are on you own, cna are rude and most don't care about the patient, there are turns and turns of paperwork. For the kind of LTC you described it seems to be a small private facility and you will loose all your skills you will be more like a CNA. There is no growth in LTC it's repetitive and you just become a pill popper. You have the most rude family in LTC. All in all I liked the elderly and they will always put a smile on you and the pay check is good. My friend you are new in the field just take a couple of weeks and figure what you want and why you went to school to become a nurse. All I know there is no boredom in nursing as long as you are giving direct care, it is a lot you can do to keep yourself busy. When I wake up in the morning,is it going to ED, LTC, Dialysis I always put myself in the patient shoes and ask myself what would I like the nurse working with me to treat me?
  7. kariaini

    THank you

    I take this opportunity to thankyou all of you guys who have been posting words of encourangement. It was like hell for 48 hours waiting for the results, my boyfriend who is in computers could not understand the nclex torture and he was like it just a test. The only people I could turn to is you guys that nature has brought as tog and we have become sisters, brothers and parents to each other. I took my test on thursday but for 48 hours i couldn't sleep. I would wake up and read the postings that comforted me and felt that I'm not alone in this journey called nclex. To those who are to take Nclex do as many question as you can, understand the rationales, do not panic and when you go to take the exam be prepared for 265 questions you never know what will be presented to you. People need to stop the thread of 75 you pass, you can fail at any point or pass at any point. I believe people who are failing after taking more than the 75 question is panic that is engulfing your mind and you start concentrating on the question number . All the best.
  8. kariaini

    Ive done everything I can do..2morrow is the day (again)

    HI do not panic. You went to nursing school and you passed. I took my test on thursday and when i was going i told my mind i might be presented with 265 questions, I was not cut off at 75 but when i did question 75 and did not cut off I kept going , be calm dont panic. Be prepared. You will pass trust yourself and God he said we will not be the tail but the head. I passed after doing 98 questions. you are in my prayers.
  9. kariaini

    Re: Dosage Calcs On Nclex: Round Up Or Not?

    I just did nclex on thursday. I had calculation question and it will tell you to round to the nearest tenth. Good luck. I had alot of infection control question and teaching.