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  1. krazy8s101RN

    Beaumont.....Oakland U or U of M??

    I got an Associates Degree from MCC back in 2006 now work in the SICU at Beaumont. Saved a ton of money ($72 compared to $272 per cr hr back then) and got to work as RN lot faster. Now I'm currently enrolled in OU's RN to BSN program and get hospital tuition reimbursement (THANK GOD) which barely covers a class. Not to mention, I'm writing papers constantly. IMO unless you're looking at CRNA school which requires a BSN, think long and hard about paying sky high tuition prices for the same position I got in the ICU as an ADN. Plus, I think I got better education at my two year for half the price!!! Good luck. Check out OCC program, I hear they have a good one.
  2. krazy8s101RN

    MCC - Nursing Students Starting 2009

    Hahaha, MCC nursing students are the best!!! Just reading these boards take me back and make me short of breath. Seriously I wish you all well, I graduated back in Oct. 2006 (IT CAN BE DONE). The instructors demand a lot, but are eagar to teach to those who put forth the effort. Take care of one and other, you'll need each other. A couple of recommendations: Find a like-minded study buddy if you haven't already :smiley_ab Tape record your lectures (I wish someone told me this from day one). Then rewrite your notes. Stick with a small group for study sessions: 2-3 ppl. My study buddy and I would burn the midnight oil studying over the phone. Helped save me from failing. PDAs helped me immensely through RN school but I never use mine now that I'm a nurse. Learn how to do care plans from the get go...channel Carpenito. :) Care plans are tedious but do have a purpose, they will help you to learn how to critically think. Don't think of them as horrible or else you will actually die :chuckle If you have test anxiety, start getting over it...they never stop hitting you with tests. Take them in stride, and know they are NOT indicative of how smart you are! Don't just memorize. Visualize. If you know and can picture how each body system works normally verbatem, you'll be able to figure out what will happen if something is pathologically wrong. (i.e. if you understand how the heart works normally, you'll be able to visualize when there is something like mitral valve regurgitation goin on, and know what assessment findings you will need to find (lung sounds, heart sounds, pulse ox, objective and subjective data), what treatments you'll be giving). It will stick with you better than just straight up memorization....trust me!!!!!!!!! THIS IS KEY: KNOW THE NORMAL FUNCTION BEFORE YOUR LECTURES...seriously, study like you need to know it for test and you'll totally understand the lectures and it will save you time later. Get to know your instructors...they're awesome. If you're a go-getter, or was shy like me :imbar, get involved with your MCCSNA...it will help you with job opportunities and will help stuff your resume for when you need a job. (It's getting tougher out there). It helped me get where I am today. Ask for a reference after most clinical rotations. It again, helps with getting a job, either as a Nurse Assistant and eventually Tech. If you ever have any questions, just ask. These are just some tips that helped me through nursing school. Great memories but it sure as hell was a lot of work. I really think Macomb churns out the best nurses. When it comes to nursing, MCC gets it...pretty much have a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX. Soon your faces will be up on the wall of fame upstairs . Best of luck!!!!!
  3. krazy8s101RN

    International Nursing Companies (outside of US)

    Hey there, I've been looking into international travel nursing for a little while, just waiting for myself to take the first step. I was browsing through some travel companies and I found Premier Healthcare Professionals (PHP). The group has company owned offices in London, Sydney and Johannesburg and it is from these offices that it places nurses throughout the UK, Australia and South Africa. Their website is: www.travelphp.com I've never actually delt with the company...but I think its one that is worth looking into if you're interested. Best of luck :)
  4. krazy8s101RN

    Travel buddies

    Hello all, I've also been looking for a travel buddy. I'm an independent 25 year old female from out of Michigan worked in an ICU (surgical/neuro/trauma) for 3 years. Travel nursing has been a dream of mine but to be honest, I'm a little nervous about taking the first step and it would help if I knew someone from the get go. I was going to start out in North Carolina b/c I know a friend out that way, but am up to travel anywhere in the U.S. East coast...west coast all sound fun to me. I am laid back, outgoing. I love the outdoors, rollerblading, travelling (have even considered international nursing), love animals, meeting new people, and I get along with nearly everyone. PM me if you have the same interests in travel nursing :)