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jyc123 has 19 years experience.

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  1. jyc123

    Moving to St Louis, MO. HELP!

    I'm a nurse of over 22 years and have lived in St Louis since 1992. I am in the SSM system at the moment and think they have a very good benefit package. I have been with them for over 11 years.
  2. jyc123

    Online RN to BSN with Jacksonville University

    Anyone have tips on taking the online tests for the JU rn to bsn program. No I am not looking for answers
  3. jyc123

    Know hospitals that pay for school?

    I work for the SSM system they will pay for tuition I'm not sure what the commitment is. They will also pay you for back school loans that you acquired prior to working for them. Go to SSMHC.com. If you want to know more from an employee feel free to e-mail me jyc.roberts@gmail.com I do not work for human rescources:smokin:

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