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HemOnc has 14 years experience as a MSN and specializes in ONCOLOGY/ HEMATOLOGY.

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  1. Hello everyone!! Hoping someone here is either actively enrolled or has successfully completed one of the following online Post-Master's Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner programs. I live in NJ, so UT-Arlington is sadly out:(( Top choices: Drexel University - almost perfect for my situation U Mass Boston - cost is lucrative, online reviews of concern Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. HemOnc

    LPN licence renewal after becoming RN

    Thank you all for your responses! I will buy malpractice on my RN license and not renew my LPN license in 2016:)
  3. I recently became a Registered Nurse and my LPN license expires in 2016. I live in NJ and know that it's one of those states will automatically let you practice within the scope of your highest licensure if you hold multiple licenses. Do I have to keep renewing my LPN license? I also buy my own personal liability insurance. Do I have to buy two separate policies? I remember back in LPN school, one of my instructors held both licenses all along.
  4. HemOnc

    LPN Position

    Try LTC facilities, they are always looking for LPNs. Do an internet search on job fairs and open houses for nurses and you will definitely find something. Craigslist.com might have some job listings as well.
  5. HemOnc

    Officially Enrolled!

    The biggest disadvantage with online/ non-traditional learning for me was the lack of a peer network. I was all by myself and it was a total learning experience. Does Excelsior prepare you for the NCLEX? I would say, it somewhat does. It familiarizes you with exams at Pearson Vue. Excelsior recommends resources for exams, but you ultimately decide if you are learning for the purpose of just an exam or really build your knowledge base. While preparing for the CPNE, I learned a lot but couldn't retain all of it. The NCLEX is very different from the Excelsior exams. I watched a video on youtube by Kaplan that explained what the NCLEX is all about. I took my LPN boards in 2006 and the computer shut off at 86 questions. NCLEX-RN stopped at 79 questions. I passed both exams, but the questions didn't seem familiar both times. The NCSBN review course helped a lot, I couldn't have passed without it. I came to know about it through allnurses.com. Excelsior gives you access to ATI and I found that very useful as well. I personally feel that prior experience as a nurse puts you at a disadvantage while taking the boards. Reality is different from the material printed in textbooks. Strategy, Prioritization, Critical Thinking, Delegation, and Assessment- know these and you will be fine! I very strongly believe that education starts when schooling stops. Take the plunge and deal with situations as they arise, don't worry too much:))
  6. HemOnc

    Officially Enrolled!

    My post sounded perfect, but I certainly did NOT start out efficiently! That's the 'trial and error' part, which is why I try to tell people not to repeat the mistakes I made! I was officially enrolled on Oct 2011 and took Information Literacy right away...so pleased with myself:)) I paid for my first exam (Lifespan) and bought a huge textbook. Needless to say, it was too much content and took me too long to review. I slacked off and got busy doing other things, 2 kids, new house, full-time job.....Got a call from one of the counselors FIVE months later, who told me that I would be done in 4 years if I went this slow! Oops..that was the wake-up call I needed. I took an exam every 5-6 weeks for a year. I could not transfer any credits from my LPN program as the school had a no-transfer policy. I could waive some general education credits because of my Bachelors in English. I took all nursing exams 4 weeks apart. The FCCA took 8 long weeks! Submitted my application for the CPNE in Dec 2013. I took Contemporary Mathematics (ugh) while I waited for my CPNE date. Cpne prep took 3 months. All-in-all, it took me just over two years to complete the program, a total of 17 exams and 58 credits!
  7. HemOnc

    Just Finished WGU RN-BSN

    Thanks Tara0219 for all the useful info!
  8. HemOnc

    New to the concept of nursing and Excelsior... Help!

    Set yourself short-term and long-term goals. Make it a priority to take an exam at least every 4 weeks if not sooner. I bought SG101 and used Quizlet along with the Excelsior practice exams. The FCCA exams can be taken together and will take 8 weeks (instead of 16 weeks if taken separately), there is no rushing it. The CPNE is the real monster, but can be tamed. Do NOT overwhelm yourself with negative thoughts if you read something that is not positive! Preparation is the key, there are about a 100,000 posts on allnurses about the CPNE, make sure you read as many as you can when the time comes! Just remember that many people have had success with this program and so can you! Good luck!
  9. HemOnc

    Just Finished WGU RN-BSN

    Congratulations and thank you for the feedback! I stumbled upon WGU on allnurses last week and have been considering it for my RN-BSN. I graduated from Excelsior and was actually going to go back and get my BSN with them, but WGU seems like a faster, cheaper option. I have a Bachelors in a non-nursing field and can probably transfer some credits. Do you have a clinical component to the program? Any community hours/ projects? The $4000 every 6 months is very lucrative, but how soon after they take the first payment do they let you take courses? How about textbooks and other resources? Thanks again!
  10. HemOnc

    Officially Enrolled!

    I graduated from Excelsior's LPN-RN this past July and passed my NCLEX as well:) I did not buy any textbooks while I was enrolled, but used SG101 and Quizlet. I also bought all the practice exams. Before starting to prepare for any exam, I would print a content guide for that exam and highlight all the areas covered. I made sure to review those areas and do the 20 questions that came with the study guide. I would then take one practice exam and read all the rationales, prepare a bit more based on the questions I saw and take the second practice exam. I found that to be the quickest way to study. It's all a process of trial and error...you will figure out a way that works for you! Good Luck!
  11. HemOnc

    middlesex county vo tech lpn program.

    I graduated from the LPN(evening) program in 2006. I took the NET exam in 2004 and was granted early acceptance. I remember feeling thrilled, but let me tell you this- the test was really basic. I went totally unprepared as I didn't even know that one could prepare for the exam! I also didn't know anything about MCVTS, but chose it because it was close to home and work and had an evening program. I do not like Math and am not very good at it, but even I thought the exam was easy! I had a lot of language and comprehension, along with basic math. I remember going to Barnes & Noble a couple of months after the NET and finding books to help with preparation! MCVTS is a highly subsidized school and gives you the best value for money compared to almost every other LPN school in NJ. I spent around $6000 for the program including books. The program was very, very rigorous and went into a lot of detail in a short amount of time. It was a LOT of hard work with at least an hour or two of studying everyday! The instructors were good and clinical experiences gave us a lot of exposure to the real world. I had a 2-year-old, a full time day job and went to evening school with clinicals on Saturdays (every other week I think...don't remember) after the first 6 months. A lot of the students in my class had young kids and full time day jobs. Some quit the program after a couple of months and by the time we graduated in 2006, we had about 22 students remaining. I think we started with 28 or 30. We has quizzes almost every week and had to write a report after some clinicals, especially once you get to the specialties. We did rotations in Psych, OB, Peds and Med-Surg. We took an exit exam after completion and I remember that was a big deal. The school took us through the process of applying for the boards. I took the NCLEX-PN immediately after completion and had my license even before the graduation ceremony. Overall, the program gave me a strong foundation into Nursing and I don't really have anything negative to say. Things might be a little different now, I cannot comment on something that I don't know, but I felt like it was one of the best experiences of my life! I took it easy for the next 5 years, had another baby:) and enrolled in an LPN-RN program at Excelsior College in Oct 2011. I graduated earlier this year and passed my NCLEX-RN recently:)) A word of advice- if you are planning on attending evening school, it would help if you work, at least part time in the medical field. It connects theory and practice and help you remember and understand everything better. Good Luck!!
  12. I have been in Oncology all through my working life and have had some amazing experiences! Patients have made me blankets and scarves for my babies, cooked for me, made me such beautiful things out of wood that left me speechless, given me home advice, made me some original paintings and have said some really, really nice words to me. But the most unforgettable thing anyone has ever said to me was that I made his cancer 'almost bearable'....brought tears to my eyes!
  13. HemOnc


    I can understand how hard this must be for you, but don't give up on your dream! There were times during my CPNE weekend when I was mentally preparing myself to retake the exam if I failed. I came very close to failing my first PCS on something that I was not even assigned to do, but fought for it and was given credit. People who have gone through the CPNE process know how hard it really is and how easy it is to fail! Personally, I did Sheri Taylor's workshop for 1 month and bought Rob's CPNE material. It is easier if you have a nursing job because you can actually pretend like you are in a PCS...grid, care plan, notes and also time yourself. If not, see if you can shadow a nurse in a Med-Surg setting, Excelsior will give you a letter for this purpose. I am not sure if you failed on Labs or PCS's, but you know your strengths and weaknesses better that anyone else! Try not to focus on the 10k that you already spent (I know that's not easy), but on the rewarding career you will have after you become an RN! Good luck and I wish you the very best!
  14. HemOnc

    Birth Certificate needed to issue RN License?

    I am a citizen and I checked that box as well! Just didn't see that they required a birth certificate.
  15. HemOnc

    Birth Certificate needed to issue RN License?

    Thank you JustBeachyNurse! I don't know how I missed that! Guess I will be mailing out a copy to the BON tomorrow!
  16. I passed my NCLEX last week and called the BON to find out the status of my license. I was told that the NJBON now requires candidates to send a copy of their birth certificate with proof of citizenship before the license # can be issued. Has anyone else heard of this? Thanks!

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