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  1. Why are dialysis nurses paid less?

    I am also an acute/chronic and yes we are not allowed to give inpatient meds if they do not pertain to the tx. I can't tell you how many times a floor or an ICU nurse will get an attitude because of it. They see us coming and assume their wokload is ...
  2. I fainted today in the ICU!

    Poor baby, dont feel bad, we all have had our moments. Like the first time I drew blood and felt the warm tube, I had to sit down quick before I dropped. I remember puking my guts out the first time I had to empty a foul smelling emesis basin. One da...
  3. sex in the work place...really?

    It's more common than most people think. Pt. and her brother-in law were caught on unit floor when they had open bed wards and the only privacy was the pull curtain. On same unit HN almost caught fooling around in the HD unit one night. How we found ...

    Yes it is that bad! Worked there as a traveler and "Night of the Living Dead" felt like a comedy compared to the 2 outpt. and the acute unit. Even left a post a few months ago warning about not going to N.B. No amt. of money could ever make me go bac...
  5. You know you're Old School when...

    I have enjoyed the trip reading all the posts and wonder how we managed to get the work done, but we did. remember staying 1 hr past shift to chart on paper nurses notes, kardexs and med cards, rectal tubes prn, using sugar and peroxide paste on open...
  6. Words of encouragement needed from working parents

    I feel ya, been there, done that. There is no happy medium unless you could jobshare and we both know that doesn't exist in OP's & acutes. If you went to days, you would have to find daycare and the moment you need to get off to pick them up, you...
  7. bfr return rate for hypotensive episode

    You are so right, just saw a handbook for $10 on ebay, they didn't have any when I bought mine last year. New nurse go for it!
  8. bfr return rate for hypotensive episode

    It's like Lacie said. I also have the handbook and another good one is "Review of Hemodialysis for Nurses and Dialysis Personnel" by Kallenbach/Gutch. I got both of these from, good luck to you! :wink2:
  9. Dialysis in Prison Population

    And also why do you keep posting in dialysis when it's obvious you know nothing about it. I have been in the field for about 10 yrs. and I certainly don't tell ER nurses what they should be doing in their field.
  10. Dialysis in Prison Population

    Canoehead you are really outdoing yourself this time. Kidney disease can strike anyone at anytime including you! Also anyone can land in jail at anytime even if you have not committed a crime. Your lack of judgement amazes me. In order to receive tx ...
  11. incontinent NH pts

    I know, but one of these days. I can only dream:lol2:
  12. incontinent NH pts

    Thank you, I hope Canoehead is starting to see the light. That access is their lifeline and must be protected. Lg blood volumes are exchanged rapidly in 3-4 hrs and a small diameter cath you refer to is not feasible. They can exsanguinate in a matter...
  13. incontinent NH pts

    You still don't get it. Medicare pays only so much for tx and a lot of the other cost the clinics do not get reimbursed for. There are clinics in this country where the pts. must bring their own supplies. At the end of each month each and every suppl...
  14. incontinent NH pts

    This is for the er person who feels you can get 2-3 people together to clean an incontinent pt. First of all we work in one large room wth recliners and no stretchers and no curtains. We do not have laundry services which also means there are no laun...
  15. I'm 39 and want to become a nurse.

    I forgot to mention I still have my ASN.