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  1. I’m very surprised that there are over 500 views but no replies. It could be because you answered your own question, meaning your in a great position at Kaiser by far. Also yes memorial is great for new grads but if you get in. I hope your current si...
  2. I received my rejection email this morning. I’m not sure how many people that was picked for Advance Heart Failure Unit, but last cohort I believe it was 6 candidates. I’m still glad that I had an interview with 97 other candidates. Not everyone will...
  3. Interviewed with the Advanced Heart Failure Unit today, took about 30 min. An Awesome Team. Hope to hear back soon, GL ?
  4. Received rejection email. Good luck ALL ?
  5. Hello Nurses! I received an invitation email Wednesday for the connectivity test. I am external, applied to: ***6NE - Surgical Stepdown/Transplant-Cardiac and 6 NW-PCU-Surgical Stepdown/Transplant-Liver & Kidney ***6S Advance...
  6. Cedars Sinai New Grad August 2021 Cohort

    I don't see the link for October 2021. Did anyone apply? Application is today. Not me! It won't hurt to try.
  7. Miller Children's & Women's Hospital Long Beach

    Good luck everyone!
  8. Miller Children's & Women's Hospital Long Beach

    Hi all, I also applied to float/ICU, but preferably the ICU department. My status is "under consideration" ?
  9. I'm still waiting too! Tele still says "under review". I also recently applied to Long Beach Memorial New Grad Program to give myself more options or opportunities.
  10. Rolling basis. Some people app is already "under consideration". I applied for ICU & Tele, but was "not under consideration" for ICU. I'm still waiting for Tele unit response; It still says "under review".
  11. Hi, Under resume, select file, upload what your submitting to them under that part. Also, adding everything in one file, then uploading it would be easier.
  12. Hi, Congrats! At least your under consideration. I wasn't under consideration for ICU department, but now I'm waiting for Telemetry which still says under review. Do you mind sharing which department your being considered =)
  13. I have only applied to USC RN New Grad Program so far. Keep hope alive. ?
  14. I attached all files under resume. It allows up to 5 MB to upload if I'm not mistaken. However, I made sure it displayed the right titles, I.e...Resume', Unofficial transcripts, Recommendation letter, Personal statement etc. I hope this helps ?
  15. My app still says, "under review". ?