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  1. Personal Cell Phone Use

    No. I have never heard of it. Do you use it?
  2. Personal Cell Phone Use

    So I am new to LTC as this is my first job outside of the hospital setting. At my new facility it is commonplace for the nurses to text the doctors/NP's with questions and asking for orders USING THEIR PERSONAL CELL PHONES. Yes patient personal infor...
  3. New to LTC - Charting Question

    Thank you for your reply! Unfortunately, it seems like assessments aren't being charged at all. They just chart if they cleaned a wound, if eyeglasses are in place, etc. Not change in pt status or even a focused assessment, except on admission. I'm ...
  4. New to LTC - Charting Question

    Hello, So I have plenty of experience (Stepdown and ER) in a hospital setting, but the 12 hour shifts were causing some difficulties with baby sitting. So I took a job (while staying per diem at the hospital) at a Rehab facility very close to home. I...
  5. with the increased need for bsn prepared nurses, i have decided to go back to school to complete my bsn. i am torn as to which school to attend. i have been accepted to two schools and am considering applying to more. it would be a great help if y...
  6. Need some help and advice to pass NCLEX please

    I found this on another thread. I wish I knew the person's real name to give them credit because it helped me. Additionally I found that when I reviewed the practice tests, I would write down what I got wrong, why and study all the possible answer...
  7. NCLEX got canceled Help!

    My third attempt is on Tuesday. If anyone was looking for a Monday date, the closest slot to the NYC area: Savannah, GA. I almost booked a flight, but then my boss gave the day off. :redbeathe Thank you Dena!!
  8. NCLEX got canceled Help!

    Now the NYC location is canceled. Hopefully a third appointment is the charm. I really don't like snow right now.
  9. NCLEX got canceled Help!

    So at 5:04pm I just happened to be checking my e-mail when I receive the e-mail from Pearson stating that my White Plains appointment was "unscheduled". So I quickly went onto the Vue website and saw that all I could do was schedule another appointm...
  10. NCLEX Takers Support Thread

    I am scheduled to take the nclex tomorrow. I have used Mosby, Lippencott, Saunders, 3500, MedsPub, and NCLEX Made Easy. My average for the 2706 questions that I have done: about 68%. I hope I don't get snowed in (there is a big snow storm set for ...
  11. February NCLEX Test Takers....

    Thanks for the attachment! There are some good acronyms in there!!!
  12. NCLEX got canceled Help!

    Sounds like it worked out for everyone. Personally, I'm still more nervous about the snow than the test at this point. But a glass of wine and a good dinner with my husband made me relax a bit more last night. Hopefully we don't get too much snow ...
  13. NCLEX got canceled Help!

    Thanks for the update! Good luck with that. I remember when I was looking to register the only time available was at 8am, BUT there was lots of availability in NYC. I could have taken the test two days after I registered if I was willing to go to ...
  14. NCLEX got canceled Help!

    Hello! I'm scheduled to take my NCLEX on 2/10 in White Plains, NY. We are also supposed to get a snow storm the night before into that day. Did you have any trouble rescheduling? What happened? Where you able to reschedule for the next day or so...
  15. My Study Guide For HESI - Passed On First Try!

    Well, I took my HESI this week. When we got there our school said that they lowered the passing rate from 850 to 820. Thank god! I ended up getting an 846. I think someone was watching over me for this one. Now I can study for the NCLEX.