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  1. elliejayRN

    Anyone who was a secretary now a nurse?

    Yes, I have an associate degree in legal secretarial science, many of my credits from this degree actually transferred to prereqs to help with my nursing degree. I've meet other nurses with degress, and they just did one year for a BSN. I made the switch years ago, as I don't like paperwork. I would type of worker's compensation cases wondering how the person was coping with the loss of whatever body part was accidentally cut off, etc. While in nursing school, though I could easily find work as an aide, but worked as a receptionist for the county, so keep that it mind too. My background is psych so didn't really have much medical experience and I did extremely well, you will too!
  2. elliejayRN

    SHould I just go straight to the RN program????

    Sweetheart, excuse me, that's thick skin...Grin smile a lot and never tell anyone what you really think, if they don't have a suggestion box, mums the word!
  3. elliejayRN

    SHould I just go straight to the RN program????

    If you asked before starting LVN school, I would have told you to go for RN!!! I remember taking the NCLEX with as a GN sitting in the room with GVN thinking how fortuante, I will never have to sit through this again and they will have to do it again even if they pass. I absolutely couldn't do it again. Yes, I bragging, 75 questions in two hours, I never ever want to go through that again in life! Life has been so much easier after the NCLEX for RN. I actually didn't read your verbage, but I'm here to tell you sweetheart develop a think skin, because you would think nursing would be about helping people, it isn't and will never be. It is a business! Get your thick skin on girlfiend shut up grin and take it! Just keep moving forward, your revenge, being an RN and never having to put up with anyone's crap if you don't want to, especially after you become experienced. There is always something better, more money and better benefits!!!
  4. elliejayRN

    Medical Mistakes Will Kill 200K This Year: Report

    We simply pay lip service to nursing and caring for people, because the moment anyone of us put those high heels/or ties and civilian clothes one becomes part of the corporate culture. They have to because if not, management will hire someone else that will. They become simply puppets of the corporation, the corporation bottom line is to increase profits by any means neccessary. There is no shortage of nurses, it just not profitable to have safe nursing ratio. Bedside nurses know it is their license if things get to out of hand so we run around putting out fires, like hamsters in cage. Something goes down the corporation will do everything to prove your incompetence. Such as RN talking about stupidity of nurses. She'll probably be in the jury convicting one of us.
  5. elliejayRN

    A few well-timed vacations...

    Medication for pain good, pain bad!!!-perhaps you could write this somewhere. Get the families involved and let them complain to management, customer service is key!!
  6. elliejayRN

    Stressing out!! Need some answers!! PLEASE HELP

    I passed in 75 questions under two hours, I still had anxiety, because I thought I failed and the computer just got frustrated and kicked me out. Trust me though, nothing compares to anxiety you feel after you've passed the test and the tremendous responsibility you now share as a Registered Nurse. I thought Oh my god, what have I done!!!! better now though.
  7. elliejayRN

    Change has hit... and it ain't good.....

    Yes, that sounds like your organization, as mine we all get a pretty heavy load. What gets me is certain nurses routinely get all there work done. They're surfing the net, reading the newspaper and I don't know how in the world they get it all done, until I follow one of them. Then I know, they aren't getting everything done evidenced by how you have to take up their slack and complete your work too. They all clock out on time too. The boss usually loves them.
  8. elliejayRN

    Why I Want to be a Nurse

    I wish you well in attaining your goals. We have our way, however, God will always his way. :pumpiron: Good luck.
  9. elliejayRN

    Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

    I was hired along with 3 others into a new grad RN program. My colleagues complained that they'd been reduced to tears by a nurse, etc.. One said, don't you think those med students/residents snobs, I said no. Long story short, I got tossed out with the trash just after 2 mos. into the program and I'm sure my colleagues are still there. So I guess a little nimble isn't so bad, not even being worth a taste is worse!:hhmth: