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  1. Animal Lover01

    Quincy College 2010 Full time

    I would think twice - or maybe three or four times before going to Quincy for ANYTHING!!!!! I went there and only had headaches- ie. teachers not showing up for class, leaving early, no availability for questions, etc. etc. I ended up leaving and going to school elsewhere. I graduated and was MUCH HAPPIER!!!! Quincy's price was almost DOUBLE of the new school I went to. Quincy is a high priced school and you get VERY VERY little for your money. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Think twice about wasting your time!
  2. Animal Lover01

    Anyone Applying to Quincy College?

    Go somewhere else. The place is a pit and you definely DO NOT get your monies worth. Do you want to graduate and not know what you are doing? You would be setting yourself up for a patient to sue you. RUN THE OTHER WAY
  3. Animal Lover01

    Quincy College - clinical hrs. question

    I was in the Practical Nurse program at Quincy (2007) and found their to be similar issues. Everyone just looked the other way and dug their heads in the sand (so to speak). I would NOT recommend Quincy College to anyone for anything at all. I am so glad I am out of there, and I am not looking back!!!!

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