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  1. After graduating from the hell that was nursing school I firmly believed that I knew all I could know for the Nclex. I just felt like if in four years I didnt know enough to pass then it was futile to attempt cramming more information for a couple extra weeks. I spent the next few weeks after graduation relaxing, spending time with friends and reading books that I never had time to while in school. The night before the Nclex I took several practice tests using Prep-U just to calm my nerves. I took the exam on July 2nd and when I came out I felt awful, there were questions on diseases I never even heard of, and the wording was often confusing. However I knew thats how the test is supposed to make you feel. I got 110 questions, and was just glad to have it over with. I met a friend for drinks to calm ny nerves and did the Pearson Vue Trick together at the bar, after a substantial dose of liquid courage haha. I got the good pop up and the next day my license number was posted on my state nursing board! Anyways just wanted to share, this may not be a good idea for everyone but if you were the type that would test poorer when they overstudied heed my advice. If you are in a good nursing program and truly earned your diploma you should be ready and able to pass the Nclex, I am living proof!
  2. yinit9278

    Do big girls and boys really cry??

    I'm a first year nursing student at Simmons college, and I personally, am a very emotional person. The realization that at some point or another I'm going to have to either witness death, or to tell someone that they are dying is terrifying to say the least. When as a professional in a health care field is it ok to cry? There was an interesting article in the NYtimes online http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/22/health/views/22essa.html?ref=views but, I feel like it skirted around the issue, and just stated various opinions. I personally think that showing that I care, be it though tears, or laughter does not matter as long as my pt will understand that I care about them. On the other hand how do you know if ur pt will be ok with you crying, or if they'd rather you were strong?? This just seems so difficult to even think about, my mind is reeling!! :uhoh21:
  3. yinit9278

    Family Nurse Practitioner

    What are the average hours that Family Nurse Practitioners work? Is it logical to assume that an fnp can work a normal work-day schedule like a 9-5? :w00t:

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