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scrabblern has 16 years experience as a RN and specializes in CICU, NICU, Advice Nursing.

CICU 2006-2008 Neonatal ICU 2008-2020, Advice Nursing 2020

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  1. The quietest workplace

    What is the absolute quietest nursing specialty? A job where one doesn’t need to verbally communicate.
  2. venting...

    Not much changed while I kept in touch. I have been out of close touch for some time, and what I can see from the unit posts is that there are a lot of new faces...
  3. Acoustic Shock

    Hello everyone! I was hired as a Triage/Advice Nurse in Feb of last year and suffered an acoustic incident on the job in May. I worked in a small call center environment, and the positions have been moved to remote due to COVID after my injury....
  4. New Grad ICU Burnout from COVID

    I can't imagine the stress you're going through and seeing people who deliberately choose to harm themselves and endanger their environment only to end up in a situation beyond salvation, leaving you as a witness. There's little I can say to ea...
  5. venting...

    FYI... I moved to a Union hospital on West Coast in 2014. I can't even describe how much better our working conditions are. We're taken care of, our assignments have been fantastic and that really reflects in patient care we provide.
  6. Cycled Lighting in NICU

    Hi, My unit is not currently implementing cycled lighting and we're looking into doing it. If your unit implements it, would you please share how it's done? Do you dim light 7p-7a? What foot candles/lux are acceptable during day and night time? Tha...
  7. Venous Pool Technique (VPT)

    Hello, Does anyone work in a unit that uses VPT? Our unit is looking into possibly using this method for our patients but have not found any policies. Would anyone be interested in sharing the info with the rest of us? I'm aware of the study in AZ,...
  8. Bili Masks

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to suggest a better bili mask for our unit. The ones we currently use are taken off easily to babies and velcro doesn't stick very well. Is your unit using any masks that you really like? Thank you!
  9. Need advice for a friend

    This is in Oregon. I looked at visiting nurse association website and saw that they don't have a branch in Oregon. Made me wonder.
  10. Need advice for a friend

    She said she feels uncomfortable with it. I tried to explain pros and cons but she didn't really want to listen. The staff at ER also suggested he needed a PICC.
  11. Need advice for a friend

    Hi, I am a neonatal nurse and this is really out of my scope so I'm asking for help. My friend's husband just turned 65 and he's been disabled with neuro degenerative disease for many years. He is on IV abx now and according to his wife they had to ...
  12. SIDS prevention and Back to Sleep education for NICU parents

    @NicuGal: How long have you been doing HOB flat at 33-34 weeks in your unit? Do you find that the babies spit up more with HOB flat at that age, since lots of them still need gavage... Most of the nurses where I work keep babies with HOB up until the...
  13. SIDS prevention and Back to Sleep education for NICU parents

    At what point does your unit take babies out of the isolette, and why do you wait 'till you take them out? We've just had a thermoregulation policy change, making most of our babies stay in a lot longer...
  14. To Filter or Not to Filter

    We filter TPN and clear fluids in the NICU, but the Level II nursery (different unit) doesn't filter anything. Go figure.
  15. Hi everyone, I will be doing education on SIDS to both parents and nurses of NICU our unit we tend to swaddle babies 'till almost the very end. Back to sleep is taught once by our OT prior to discharge. I did a little bit of article di...