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  1. Liger_RN

    filipino/uk nurse moving to new zealand

    i just want to ask, what are the chances of a filipino nurse entering new zealand when they go directly through the nursing council? or if they go through an agency?
  2. hhhmm, and to think it will be easy to process everything when going to NZ...i wanted to hope for an easier way but i guess there is no such there...:zzzzz
  3. Liger_RN

    PHILIPPINES NEW (RN) GRAD coming to New Zealand

    whats their reason why their denying entry to second coursers??
  4. Liger_RN

    The exadrop IV tube

    Is anyone familiar with this? I was recently acquainted to this new device, and I thought it was convenient. Yet for some reason somehow the IV flow rate isn't that really accurate.
  5. Liger_RN

    Why do docs give D5 to diabetic patients a lot?

    somehow i can understand why. during my volunteer period i remember myself and my coworkers commenting on why the need for diabetic patients to have a D5W as their mainline IV.
  6. You don't have to be class A student just to be able to pass and graduate. If you think you're lacking in some aspects, that's where you focus your strengths, while maintaining those aspects of which you're good at. Of course, the choice is up to yo...