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  1. crestathewise

    Feedback Please!!!

    Thanks for your input! I flew out there and interviewed and absolutely love it there. I have heard that and am not an "out of stater" that is looking to move ...
  2. crestathewise

    My Senior Nursing Experience Paper

    Our nursing class has known about having to write this paper since the very first week of nursing school. We were divided into groups and the faculty that led o...
  3. crestathewise

    Relocation to Montana

    thank you. rentals that I have checked on seem to be in apx the same range as atlanta metro area... will just have to see..I am just excited for the opportunit...
  4. crestathewise

    Is Emory A Good Hospital?

    I just love CLH.. I am getting to go to do my clinical for advanced med/surg on unit 51 and i am truly hoping to do my leadership there as well. thanks for the...
  5. crestathewise

    Is Emory A Good Hospital?

    I had clinicals at Crawford Long and I absolutely LOVED it there!!!! I have request CLH to do my leadership as well, as this is my last semester for my BSN!
  6. crestathewise

    Looking for a job in the Atlanta area?

    I will be graduating in May 08 from Brenau University with my BSN/RN... I love Brenau... there are several good schools though... georgia statue University, emo...